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Well, where does one start with a story like this? BWAHAHA HAHAHAHA…

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, so I guess that’s how you start telling this story. 🙂

Yesterday NBC Fake News broke what they thought was a YUGE story… Another one of those blockbuster stories that were sure to destroy President Trump… Another FACTUAL story based on “unidentified” sources, you know, those people with special knowledge close to the legal team with inside knowledge of what’s going on with the Michael Cohen investigation.

Their sources are apparently so close to the case and so tuned into everything taking place inside and outside Washington, D.C. that they apparently never verify or fact check anything. Truth be told, I think these “unidentified” sources they have are nothing more than Twitter Trolls wearing tin foil hats.

Someone throws out a ridiculous theory on Twitter, an NBC Troll reads it, share it with a reporter, and whallah,  just like that it becomes a Breaking News story with the highest priority.

The mainstream media is so desperate to bash the President and so desperate to finally get their hands on some “REAL” proof that President Trump is a crook of the highest caliber like all the other politicians in Washington, D.C. so they can lead the charge through Congress to impeach him and into the Senate for confirmation, removal, then into a federal penitentiary where they fantasize of interviewing him until his death in an 8 foot by 10 foot prison cell.

Unfortunately, they keep letting their desperation catapult them so far ahead of reality, where no such evidence exists, and they end up looking like fools.

Reading or watching anything from the mainstream media outlets these days always begins like a joke with the same opening sentence day-after-day…

Unnamed sources close to the Special Counsel Investigation have told (Inset liberal media identifier) that…” 

Of course, we all know how those stories end too, but unfortunately, the liberal drones that go through life wearing blinders that never verify or seek out their own sources to corroborate what the commanders of their liberal mothership feed them.

Take this Michael Avenatti character, the ambulance chaser serving as the indentured servant to Stormy Daniels, the used up porn star who on two separate occasions in writing denied ever having sex with President Trump, but once he was elected President, it suddenly has become important for the world to know she had a single sexual encounter with him more than a decade ago.

Mr. Avenatti could not wait to get in front of a camera again, for something like his 200th appearance (In a few more weeks he will have appeared more than the Simpsons who just broke Bonanza’s record. It took them almost three decades to do what this guy will do in months. LOL) to tell all the liberals salivating over the wiretapping story that he knew it was true and he knew this was going to happen and that was going to happen and in the end…

Everyone who has ever worked for worked with or voted for President Trump is going to end up in prison with President Trump and he is going to host a popular MSNBC show… One of those programs that gets like 3% of the viewers the worst Fox program gets.

Of course, there was nowhere near as much emphasis placed on their redaction when they had to eat crow and admit that the breaking news story they expected to win a Pulitzer for was actually proven to be FAKE NEWS.

Michael Avenatti and the rest of the liberals in America seem to think that the best thing that could possibly happen is for President Trump to be impeached and imprisoned… All because their crooked Queen Hillary LOST the election.

They don’t care at all that President Trump has more than doubled the growth Obama was able to generate as President… Or that unemployment is at record lows in every category tracked, or that people are dropping off the Food Stamp and other welfare programs in record numbers, or that he just got three American prisoners returned from North Korea, or that he has the North Korean hermit dictator willing to sit and talk with him about ending their nuclear weapons program and actually signing a peace agreement with them after 65 years at war…

None of the great things he has done and is doing for the country matter to them… They are so blinded by their anger that they actually believe that this fantastic economy, the unemployment, the situation in North Korea, EVERYTHING is the result of President Obama’s eight years in office. It really is pathetic when you think about it…

But even worse, the overzealous efforts by the liberal media and Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel is dangerous and if they overstep their bounds too far, God only knows the chaos that could come from it…

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