Netflix Was Not Joking When They Sent Out A Tweet About Comedian Michelle Wolf’s Disgusting Show

When it was obvious the Democrats were taking over the original content on Netflix, a good many people abandoned the platform. In fact, so many walked away from them that original offerings turned into flops. Take “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s all liberal review. After ten episodes it got the ax for failing to attract an audience.

The Break‘s final episode was released July 29. In its short run, Wolf made headlines for comparing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to murderous jihadists, calling Melania Trump an abused gold digger, cracking STD jokes about Ivanka Trump, and, most famously, leading a festive “Salute to Abortions.”

Yet for all its controversies, The Break apparently failed to draw a consequential audience, so its “annual” abortion celebration will forever be a one-time event.

And the viewing public is most grateful for the demise.

However, what might be considered just as egregious, even with the offensive content of the show, the powers that be at Netflix did not even bother to contact the staff of the show to inform them of their newly unemployed status.

The smugfest’s staffers are predictably salty. “None of us can believe how classlessly Netflix has handled this,” one person “connected to the show” told the Daily Beast anonymously. This individual claims that both the writing staff and showrunners found out about the cancellation on Twitter.

That’s cold. And rude, too, given that the people at the top keep telling the world how crass conservatives are. At least the people claiming traditional moral codes are stand up people who will fire an employee in person. (See “The Apprentice” for details.)

The streaming giant announced it would also cancel The Joel McHale Show, named after the former star of Community and The Soup.

Meaning there are lots of entertainment content creators for hire. With all luck, next time, they will come up with something worth watching.

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