New Generation Of Hippies Not What You Expect

It’s all about peace, man.

When President Donald Trump was elected, there was no way to know that one of the Democrats’ pretty consistent group of constituents would start moving away from them, but more than one has. We’ve seen the partial awakening of the African American community, and Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway campaign shift thousands of people from the continued mental abuse of the left.

Now, a new generation of the flower power crowd is reportedly gravitating to the president, a man who has always preached peace even while knowing war is a necessary evil.

How does a 70-something New York-based billionaire who also happens to be the President of the United States become the flashpoint for a new and increasingly powerful counter-culture movement all over the world?

That’s hard to say but the fact it’s happening is undeniable. Equally undeniable is that the collective group-think mentality that dominates the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party doesn’t like it one bit as they work to silence any and all socio-political opposition by calling anything that doesn’t support their brand of anti-Americanism as racist/bigoted/stupid/”like Hitler”.

It should be noted that since taking office, Donald Trump has been a president of peace and prosperity. Yet, the image portrayed by the Establishment Media consistently paints a far different picture, one that a growing number are calling out as a lie.

President Trump is sometimes brash, to be sure, but unlike his political colleagues and presidential predecessors, he makes a promise and then works to keep it. Those promises have included staying out of wars we don’t belong, giving freedom and opportunity back to the American people, and shrinking the influence of centralized power/government—all things the “hippie generation” once applauded.

Well, it now appears a new generation of hippies is emerging and finding Trump’s America to suit their ideals just fine, the Establishment Media be damned.

Amazingly enough, this movement comes with a Facebook page, websites, merchandise and more.

As time goes by, President Donald Trump is picking off one key Democrat stronghold after another. He’s doing this by keeping his promises. If this trend continues, the 2020 election won’t even be close.

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