New Poll: Omarosa’s Plan Blew Up In Her Face! Black Approval For Trump Is Skyrocketing


Black Americans, such as most Americans, don’t believe in the desperate and ridiculous Omarosa smear job on President Trump.

Omarosa tried to tarnish the President Trump’s reputation with her claims about existing a tape of President saying the “N-word.“

Of course, such tape has not emerged and Omarosa’s story “crumbled.“

Obviously, this is only a cunning plan to retaliate for her termination from the White House and a way to ell her “tell-all” book.

According to the new Rasmussen poll, black American’s support is INCREASING.

From Daily Wire

The news is wall-to-wall with the allegations from former “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman accusing President Trump of using the “N” word once.

But blacks aren’t buying it, the Associated Press reports.

The liberal news service says the fact that Newman stood at Trump’s side for more than a decade makes her “deeply unpopular with African-Americans who see her as a sellout for aligning herself with a president who has hurled one insult after another at black people.”

Her falling out with Trump and her decision to call him a racist as she sells her new book — and in turn, his calling her a “dog” — have not been enough for many African-Americans to invite her back to the family picnic.

Too little, too late, many said.

“Her tell-all mea culpa won’t win her any brownie points with most blacks,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author of the book “Why Black Lives Do Matter.” ″Their loathing of Omarosa is virtually frozen in stone. She’s still roundly lambasted as a two-bit opportunist, a racial sellout, and an ego-driven hustler.”

Few in the black community immediately rushed to defend Manigault Newman after she wrote a book entitled “Unhinged” about her time in the White House. It paints a damning picture of Trump, claiming without evidence that tapes exist of him using the N-word as he filmed “The Apprentice” reality series, on which she co-starred.

She has since stepped up her attacks on Trump as she promotes her book, telling The Associated Press on Tuesday that the president is “a racist, a misogynist, a bigot.”

“I want to see this nation united as opposed to divided,” she said. “I don’t want to see a race war, as Donald Trump does.”

The wire report comes as the Boston Herald writes that Trump is “making life better for black Americans everywhere you look while his predecessor fumbled.”

“The loudest Trump triumph of the moment has been dipping to the lowest black unemployment in history, and get this: Jobs confer purpose, they provide pride, they build community, they set one up to help others, they enable social mobility, they lift the spirit. Welfare limps, jobs jog and you don’t get them through semi-socialist policies. You get them through deregulation and tax reform of the Trump kind, encouraging businesses to expand, lowering expenses and inspiring entrepreneurship,” writes author Jay Ambrose.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports finds in a new survey that black support for Trump has risen to 31%. That’s up 13 percentage points since this time last year.

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  1. Democrats were nervous about losing the black vote after President Trump was elected. I think omarosa was approached by the DNC and told her to tape what she can and then promised her a book deal through liberal publishers pus gave her paid her well.. It’s too much of coincidence that this comes out just before midterms.

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