New Poll Reveals Americans Want James Comey PROSECUTED, The Results Will ’BLOW YOUR MIND’

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According to a new poll, Monday, nearly half of Americans think former FBI Director James Comey should be impeached for making public classified information to the media.

The survey from Rasmussen states, “Forty-six percent (46%) of all voters believe Comey should be prosecuted for leaking information to the media at the time he was director of the FBI.”

That’s an astonishing admittance. Forty-six percent of Americans consider Comey should be held accountable for revealing information to the media.

During his testimony in June 2017 before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey confessed he created several memos showing detailed information about private conversations he had with President Donald Trump before he was fired.

Comey testified under oath that he disclosed the memos to a friend and directed him to give them to The New York Times.

As such, the Times published a report giving the full particulars of Comey’s memos and used them as the basis for depicting Trump as erratic and possibly obstructing justice.

Here’s how social media reacted to the poll:

The Trump News Gazette

The poll comes just one day after Comey’s interview with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos, which aired on Sunday night.

Comey is currently going on a tour to make a promotion of his new book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” where he makes several scandalous remarks that have been slammed by both sides of the political aisle.

In the book, he describes almost crying in the Oval Office with former President Barack Obama; acknowledging he didn’t tell President Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton and Democrats financed the dossier; and even attacked Trump’s personal appearance.

But what’s more important, Americans are stating that they believe he should be prosecuted for breaking the law.

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