New Poll Shows America Has A Trust Deficit

American individualism is usually sold to the masses as being a wonderful and unique sort of aspect to American life. All of us can be who we are meant to be, and stopping us from doing that is not really the way things work here.

What if, though, with all the individualism comes a lack of knowing how to form human relations that teach us how to trust each other, government, and more.

One can argue that trusting the government can be a fool’s errand. Not being able to trust the people around us to follow through, and be there when we need them, on the other hand, is a real problem. According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, the United States is approaching a crisis level of lack of trust.

Two-thirds of adults think other Americans have little or no confidence in the federal government. Majorities believe the public’s confidence in the U.S. government and in each other is shrinking, and most believe a shortage of trust in government and in other citizens makes it harder to solve some of the nation’s key problems.

As a result, many think it is necessary to clean up the trust environment: 68% say it is very important to repair the public’s level of confidence in the federal government, and 58% say the same about improving confidence in fellow Americans.

Moreover, some see fading trust as a sign of cultural sickness and national decline. Some also tie it to what they perceive to be increased loneliness and excessive individualism. About half of Americans (49%) link the decline in interpersonal trust to a belief that people are not as reliable as they used to be. Many ascribe shrinking trust to a political culture they believe is broken and spawns suspicion, even cynicism, about the ability of others to distinguish fact from fiction.

Chart showing that Americans think their distrust of the federal government and each other is a problem that gets in the way of solving issues.

That last item would indicate a lack of trust in mainstream media and non-fiction offerings. As so many have been proven false over the years, it should be no wonder that the people would be suspicious.

Add to that an unhealthy addiction as identified by the head football coach at Northwestern University, and part of Making America Great Again really does need to involve rebuilding trust and accountability…and please, turn off the phones while at church or in a theater.

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