New Project Veritas Video Reveals Media Cover Up Of Epstein Story

The man never was and never will be convicted of his crimes in an American courtroom, but for years, the story of Jeffrey Epstein, the rapist who preferred his victims to be girls between puberty and eighteen, was rumored to be true.

Not only was it rumored, but one reporter at ABC news put together a huge expose level story, and for reasons unknown as of this writing, the high brass at ABC shelved it.

In August, after the story exploded, and the man was found dead in his prison cell in New York City, ABC’s Amy Robach, the reporter who had the story, was caught on camera all but in tears that her expose was put aside, and then the truth came out anyway.

Well, Ms. Robach, your bosses did you – and the world – a bad turn. Regardless of whether or not the statements released by the “network” and “Amy Robach” are entirely truthful in claiming that journalistic standards were not met which is the reason given for the shelving, the story could have been pursued until those standards were met.

But it wasn’t.

And now, one of the main cog organs of the mainstream media is caught up in the scandal of a cover-up.

One has to wonder how many more of the networks sat on information about Jeffrey Epstein and his operations for years, just like ABC News.

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