Newly Elected Islamic Democrats Trying To Change 181 Year Old House Rule!

True to form when it comes to those who follow Islam walking into an established culture and working to change it for their own reasons, the Democrat Party is bending over to get a one hundred and eighty-one year ban on head coverings on the floor of the House of Representatives changed because two if the newly elected representatives are Islamic women and they insist on wearing headscarves.

If she can wear whatever they call that scarf, then so can Catholic women wear mantillas, and Jewish women cover their heads as the dictates of those faiths require. (Okay, Christian head covering for women is supposed to just be in church unless the woman in question is a nun and then the covering is a veil, but Jewish women are supposed to have their heads covered when outside the house.) After all, it’s only fair, and fair is fair.

The proposed rule was co-authored by current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, ranking Democrat on the Rules Committee Rep. Jim McGovern and Omar. It comes as part of the Democrats’ new House rules proposal package. The drafted changes promise to “ensure religious expression,” by “clarify[ing] in the rules that religious headwear is permitted to be worn in the House chamber.”

The current rules, which were implemented in 1837, decree that “every member shall remain uncovered during the sessions of the House.” Those rules could be interpreted to disallow Omar from using the head covering she wears as part of her faith.

Being perfectly honest here, this is not so much about religious expression as it is about not assimilating to the larger culture. Not that all religions have, because several have not and tend to stick to enclaves, but none of the other groups demand changes in rules and culture to accommodate their habits rather than just asking for a simple exception that can be denied.

Sorry, but this woman is a pushy broad, as American slang would say. One does have to ask if the headscarf really is a religious expression, or is there another motivation that will bring charges of racism and anti-Islam if expressed.

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Newly Elected Islamic Democrats Trying To Change 181 Year Old House Rule!