No Kneeling At First NFL Game Of The Season

It looks like the players of the National Felons League, oops, National Football League got the message: the people paying them, and their fans do not like their displays of displeasure with law enforcement at the expense of our national symbols. There were none at the season opener between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

At least, there was nothing official and organized.

Defensive end Michael Bennett — who spent the national anthem of a preseason game last month sitting on the bench — repeated his action Thursday, by again sitting on a bench.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins, who raised his fist in protest weeks ago, didn’t appear to repeat the gesture Thursday night….

The NFL modified its national anthem protocol in May, prohibiting any sort of demonstrations for the 2018 season, but allowing players to remain in the locker room during the anthem if they chose to. Individual teams would be responsible for disciplining any demonstrators.

The players association appealed the rule and they are still working on a resolution to the conflict, but the birds of prey teams seem to have gotten the message: they ticked off the people financing their meal tickets. The fans, the ones who assure the high television ratings that bring in advertising revenue, and the people who actually will buy tickets to the games to the tune of a few hundred bucks a pop, not to mention all of the licensed merchandise, walked away and put the future of the NFL in danger.

All because a misguided social justice warrior started a fad that disrespected what we the people hold dear. There should be a lesson in that.

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