No Matter How Much Success President Trump Achieves The MSM Finds Fault

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One of President Donald Trump’s favorite pinatas is the mainstream media. That is no great secret. On a regular basis, he calls them out for the fallacies that are published. The members of the fourth column of the fifth estate are always indignant about this, however, what they do not realize is that long before President Trump called them out on their bias and fakery, many in their audiences saw what they were up to.

In the past week, President Trump and his team produced two massive triumphs in foreign policy. One was the setting of the date of the summit with Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea, and the other was pulling out of “The Iran Deal,” an unsigned, non-binding agreement that had the United States send billions of dollars to the Middle Eastern trouble making nation for nothing in return.

The combination of the two had the mainstream media in a complaint tizzy about allies not liking either deal, and neither being much of an achievement. They even complained that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not at the official declaration of no more cash to the Mullahs. They didn’t realize at the time that he was working on the other issue of the week, the North Korea situation, and was in that country to bring home three people who had been detained by the regime.

And then they complained about the three a.m. arrival of Pompeo and the hostages at Joint Base Andrews.

CNN went into spin mode, finding ways to complain about the optics of the 3 a.m. Andrews Air Force Base return of the hostages. CNN International journalist Will Ripley commented: “I do worry that they were being exploited a bit,” he said of the men Trump helped free.

NBC’s White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson couldn’t get over how the event was “very carefully choreographed.” “You had floodlights lighting up this 30- by 50-foot American flag, hanging in between two ladder trucks, as the plane carrying these men rolled in,” she continued.

Americans took them to task pointing out that Barack Obama’s optics were always done in his favor, too.

Several posters used images or comments about the press conference held by then-President Obama following the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held prisoner by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years. Obama stood at the podium flanked by both of Bergdahl’s parents and was seen walking away with arms around both of them.

Political theater. That incident was the very definition of that term.

Of course, there are far more incidents in such a triumphant week to analyze, but the big question was really not answered by any of the news media organizations.

What would Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton have done if that very same flight landed at three o’clock in the morning under their watch?

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