NXIVM Leaders Accused Of Illegally Bundling Donations For Hillary Clinton

In the high stakes and big money world of politics, campaign cash is the lifeblood of getting elected. The danger in that, though, is always that deep pockets financing a campaign will influence the candidate’s thinking and actions. That is ostensibly the reason behind all the campaign financing laws.

It is also why the people determined to use money to influence politics come up with scheme after scheme to skirt the law. One such scheme is known as “bundling” where individuals throw cash into a pot and it is donated to a candidate’s campaign under a different aegis if the people involved have maxed out their own donation amounts or want their names hidden from public display. Any number of people in the public eye bundle in this way, and one such group, leaders of the sex cult known as NXIVM, stand accused of this very thing.

Prosecutors have asked to present evidence in the NXIVM sex cult racketeering trial showing that NXIVM leaders including Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman illegally bundled money for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign by compelling members to donate to Clinton and then reimbursing the members.

“I was there, and I knew that the contributions were made by more than a dozen NXIVM members to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” former NXIVM employee Frank Parlato tells Big League Politics, confirming that the court documents refer to Clinton’s campaign. ….

Witness testimony, corroborated by documentary evidence, will demonstrate that at least 14 members of the Nxivm community, including at least five defendants and co-conspirators, made the maximum campaign donation to a primary campaign with the understanding that they would be reimbursed by Bronfman or Nancy Salzman….

A cooperating witness who attended the event will testify that the defendants and their co-conspirators made the contributions in hopes of obtaining political influence to advance their own agenda, including targeting perceived enemies of Raniere. The government will also seek to introduce evidence of similar conduit contributions to other elected officials, as well as use of other political lobbyists in attempts to gain influence.

What is interesting about this case is not just that a sex cult was backing Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008, but that the criminals are turning on each other. Witnesses in the case are also defendants in the racketeering trial.

The same evidence also demonstrates the nature of the criminal relationships between the defendants, which defendants are attempting to portray as a purely legitimate association. The evidence of the conduit contributions is also direct evidence of the existence of the Enterprise and the pattern of racketeering activity because it is probative of the defendant and co-conspirators’ “us[e of] harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics of RANIERE,” (Indictment ¶ 6(f)).

Specifically, the bundled campaign contributions were part of an attempt to curry favor with a presidential nominee to advance the goals of the defendants and co-conspirators, including by obtaining indictments against enemies and gaining advantages in litigation.

All that goes to prove is that any honor among these people is non-existent. As the trial continues, more information on this band of sex fiends is bound to come out. Stay tuned. The connection to Hillary Clinton makes the whole thing much more interesting.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://thetrumpnewsgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Document-414-Memorandum-Of-Law-In-Support-Of-Governments-Motion-To-Admit-Certain-Rackleteering-Evidence-03.12.2019.pdf”]

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