Omar Bills Demonstrate Plans To Neuter America

When they burst on the scene last year, we all knew that the female freshman Democrats were dangerous in a way, but not that they were both dumb and hell-bent on destroying the United States.

Ilhan Omar, the one who married her brother, reportedly, of Minnesota, proved that this week with a series of bills that amount to a “Globalist Wish List” according to Breitbart.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has introduced a series of sweeping foreign policy bills, including one that would let Congress limit the president’s power to place international sanctions and declare national emergencies.

Omar describes the legislative package, titled “Pathway to PEACE (Progressive, Equitable, and Constructive Engagement),” as “a bold progressive vision to rethink the country’s approach to foreign policy by centering human rights, justice and peace as the pillars of America’s engagement in the world, and making military action a last resort” in a press release. “I believe in a world where there are no young girls living through war, and no nations that are being destroyed,” she declared in the statement.

This, of course, is why this woman adheres to a religion where women have no rights, and the “faith” uses violence as a control mechanism.

She spoke about the bills at a panel discussion on Capitol Hill Wednesday, framing them as a globalized approach to U.S. foreign policy.

“These sets of bills are not about a single country or singling out one particular country,” said Omar, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “It’s about setting a common set of standards for the world.”

Sure these bills are about a single country. They are about the United States and the reality that for complete control, the globalists need to be able to control her, especially when the Oval Office is occupied by a non-sanctioned man.

This, frankly, is all about neutering the USA. Good thing those bills have little chance of passage and no chance that President Donald Trump will sign them.

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