One Marine’s Message To Liberal Loons On North Korea

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Every so often I just get fed up… I mean completely fed up with the hypocrisy and outright ignorance displayed by the liberal loon. I’m not talking about the rare group of liberals that have a legitimate different view, I’m talking about this group of ultra-radical liberal loons that have nothing but hate inside… That group of liberals so blinded by hate that they can’t even engage in simple civil debate, or have one exchange without instantly slinging vulgar insults. These are the Robert De Niro types whose entire argument is “F##k Trump.”

The airwaves have been full of these types since the Singapore Summit… They are so terrified that President Trump is going to pull off something so historical with the Mental Midget in North Korea that they are choking on their tongues trying to find fault in everything that took place at the summit and following the summit.

Let’s explore some of these horrible things being done by President Trump in regard to North Korea…

First, since the very first mention of President Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un, they declared such a thing abhorrent… How dare he meet with a dictator like Kim Jong Un who starves his people and executes them for trivial crimes…

Listen up liberals… Let me introduce you to a man by the name of Fidel Castro… You know him he is the brother of Roberto Castro the dictators of a place called Cuba just a short swim from Miami… Life there is so bad that hundreds have made the attempt to swim the 90 miles from there to the United States to escape the regime while thousands more have set sail on makeshift boats like the one below with nothing but a prayer.

The family in the boat above were not fortunate enough to land in the United States… The boat you see there floated ashore in Honduras next to a place my cousin owns. Fortunately, they were alive.

People don’t try to escape the Castro Regime for nothing though… They escape because they live under the rule of a psychotic dictator who tortures and imprisons those who express negative thoughts against them.

Not all are fortunate enough to be tortured and imprisoned though… Many are tortured and killed… Mario Lazo in a 1968 book titled “Dagger in the Heart” estimated the Castro Regime had killed some 50,000 while other estimates over the years have been put between 30,000 to 40,000.

Surely even the ultra loony liberals could agree with me that the Castros are evil people who have killed anyone who has dared to try and get in their way. In early 1961, just two years after the Castro’s took control, not by a free and open democratic election, but by killing everyone that got in their way, Dwight D. Eisenhower shut the Cuban Embassy down and cut Cuba off from all things American.

Have a look at your ultra liberal President you all hail like a Kind and praise his every step just a few years ago with Raul Castro in Cuba:

Oh My God! Is that King Obama shaking hands with an evil dictator who has tortured and killed his own people with that hand? (FYI, Kim Jong Un doesn’t do his own killing, the Castro’s do) Oh my… Please tell me that is not our American flag displayed so close next to the Cuban flag of those evil Castro brothers… Say it ain’t so!

OMG! Is that President Obama doing the “wave” at a baseball game while hundreds of people were imprisoned by the Castro’s while Obama visited the island? My God, how can he possibly sit next to such a man, with his young daughters and wife no less, having a good old time know of the atrocities committed by that man… It’s… Why it’s DEPLORABLE! Don’t you agree?

After your President Obama was done living it up with Raul Castro, he had the embassy re-opened and renewed diplomatic relations and trade with the Castro’s… Hard to believe he would award such people in such a way huh? Oh, did I mention it was all done unconditionally? And he never even mentioned the issue of human rights… WOW!

Ok, I get it but President Trump met with Kim Jong Un who inherited his evil hermit Kingdom… It’s not the same…

Well, please, allow me to introduce you to another friend of your glorious President Obama… You might recognize him… Then again, none of you ultra liberals are known for being well informed… But I digress… Have a look and see if you know the man in the image with Obama.

The man in the picture next to President Obama is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei… He’s not a president or chairman… He is a “Supreme Leader”… The Supreme Leader of Iran.

Obama began his relationship with the man sending him a letter before he was even sworn into office and sent several secret letters to him during his eight years as President.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was involved in the taking of 52 American hostages when the US Embassy in Iran was taken over. Some deny he had anything to do with the hostage-taking, but a number of the hostages, one of which I personally know and trust have confirmed that he was indeed involved.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was also the Supreme Leader of Iran when 241 Marines were killed when an Iranian backed terrorist drove a truck loaded with two tons of explosives into the Marine Barracks in Beirut Lebanon. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the Commander in Chief of the military… HE is responsible for the death of those Marines. (Note that there were some soldiers and sailors killed in the bombing as well.)

The only reason President Obama didn’t have the opportunity to shake this mans hand is because Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would not meet with him.

The Obama administration became quite friendly with this mans regime while he was in office though, a regime that was also friendly with the Syrian government and Shia groups like Lebanon’s Hezbollah… This man has ordered hundreds of Americans killed over the years.

Iran is a nice place though… They kill homosexuals and toss people in jail for things like insulting him. One of the many cases involving insulting the Supreme leader landed eight men, including one man from Broton in prison for 19 to 20 years related to comments they made on Facebook.

While this man’s subjects were burning the American flag and chanting “death to America” President Obama had John Kerry and some others negotiating a ridiculous agreement to prevent him from building a nuclear weapon for ten years.

Wait, Obama would not deal with a man like this without hammering him over his civil rights violations and forcing him to pay the survivors and families of those killed in the barracks bombing the money they owed… Or would he?

Dif you know that more than 1,300 survivors and victims of the barracks bombing won a civil suit against Iran? Did you know that all that money Obama claimed belonged to Iran so he had to give it back to them was money that should have gone to those survivors and family members? Did you know that in April 2016 the Supreme Court upheld their judgment that allowed them to collect nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian funds?

Does that nearly $2 billion number sound familiar to you? That is exactly what President Obama laundered to Iran over about an 18-month period while blocking access to those funds by the survivors and families of the barracks bombing survivors.

Surely Obama would not negotiate with and send so much money to people who sponsor terrorist and were responsible for killing so many American service members now, would he? Have a look at what some survived and ask your liberal mind why the President did not give that money to those who it RIGHTFULLY belonged to?

FILE – In this Oct. 23, 1983 file photo, the aftermath of the bombing of the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The Supreme Court upheld a judgment allowing families of victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism to collect nearly $2 billion. The court on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, ruled 6-2 in favor of relatives of the 241 Marines who died in a 1983 terrorist attack in Beirut and victims of other attacks that courts have linked to Iran.(AP Photo/Jim Bourdier, File)

OMG, King Obama would not have anything to do with a man responsible for this under ANY circumstances now, would he… Well, he did… But Thanks God he didn’t talk to or meet with Kim Jong Un…

Just a few months ago you liberals were criticizing the President for being too harsh with Kim Jong Un swearing he was going start WWIII… The nukes were all set to launch and the world would end…

Today, you are bent out of shape because he is trying to avoid WWII… He has no desire to start launching nuclear bombs so now that he has the Mental Midgets attention he is trying to negotiate peace with the fat little fella… Why are you liberals so desperate to see the President fail?

Do you liberals really think that you can get someone to the negotiating table by shaming and belittling them… What would you have the President do… Demand the Mental Midget drop his pants and be whipped in front of the world?

Well, why in the hell have you not done this before then? President Obama and Clinton had 8 years each to resolve these issues with the Mental Midget… They had plenty of opportunities to make him drop his pants and whip him in public…

In 1994 former President Jimmy Carter visited North Korea to prevent a conflict from happening then and ended up with a deal to provide them with aid-for-disarmament. North Korea got the aid and North Korea never disarmed. He failed to convince Kim Jong Un’s grandfather to drop his pants for a whipping.

In October 2000 Madeline Albright met with Kim Jong Un’s father… Kim Jong Il got his ass kissed by a US Secretary of State and we got nothing. She failed to get his pants down to whip him also. She did get some lovely pictures like the one below:

OMG, she looks so happy holding that hand that has killed so many people…

In 2009 former President “Slick Willy” Clinton dropped in on Kim Jong Il and managed to get two American hostages a “special pardon” in exchange for a deal worth about $5 billion… President Trump sent Mike Pompeo to Noth Korea and he brought back three hostages and paid NOTHING. Slick willy also failed to get the North Korean leaders pants down to whip him… Damn, can you believe he made a deal with him?

Jimmy Carter returned in 2010 to rescue an American that had been sentenced to eight years hard labor for illegally crossing into North Korea from China. This time Carter hooked the North up with some money for food and returned with the prisoner… He failed AGAIN to get the North Korean leader to drop his pants for a whoopin’… Unbelievable!

I can’t let you go without showing you a little love between these liberal representatives and the Communist killers:


Jimmy and Billy sure look happy shaking the hand of that evil brutal killer… And he’s no young Kim Jong Un, that’s Kim Jong Il… A man that had done some hands-on killing… But hey, it’s nothing like President Trump meeting with his son…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I were a liberal reading this and listening to the likes of CNN and MSNBC I would be wondering what the hell was with all the hypocrisy… They are running over President Trump in the nastiest, most unrespectful way they can think of yet they praised all of these visits to Cuba and North Korea as well as the magnificent deal with Iran that they didn’t even bother to have them sign.

But they are right… There is a difference between these visits and President Trumps meeting with Kim Jong Un… A number of differences in fact.

President Trump’s administration has not given North Korea a single penny for anything! President Trump has not lifted a single sanction against North Korea. President Trump and his administration have entered this with their eyes wide open with no expectations and a firm understanding that we want North Korea to destroy all of their nuclear weapons and all of their nuclear making capabilities.

In an ideal world, we would not have to deal with any of the characters I have mentioned in this article, but we do not get to chose the leaders of other nations… We’ve actually tried a time or two and failed miserably.

When you are dealing with someone who has nuclear weapons capable of targeting his neighbors as well as the United States within artillery range of a city so full of people they are climbing over each other and the guns pointing at them, the best course of action is always peace. Sure, we could destroy North Korea today… A war with North Korea in 2018 would be nothing like the war in 1951, but the loss of life in the initial strike would be enormous…

Kim Jong Un would not be the first enemy we became friends with… We have become friends with the British after having to boot them off our property twice and we have become friends with the Japanese and Germans too… The list is longer than that, but hopefully, you get the point.

Until I see President Trump start lifting sanctions and sending planeloads of money to North Korea without making sure they have destroyed every bit of their nuclear capability, I’m going to keep my money on him doing the right thing.

And let’s not forget that Kim Jong Un has agreed to let us immediately retrieve and repatriate the bodies of American service members killed in the Korean War… If we get just one American returned the single meeting will have been worth it…

I’m sick of hearing liberals criticize his every move though when they have done nothing but screw the situation up even worse with every opportunity they have had… Suddenly now that President Trump is making some right moves toward peace in the region, every liberal in the country is a frickin expert on dealing with North Korea… Question, if you liberals know so damn much about dealing with Kim Jong Un why in the hell didn’t you deal with him!?

OK, yeah sure… Whatever… You can shut up now!

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