Our Eloquent, Mild Mannered First Lady Has A HARSH Warning For Stormy Daniels

No one can accuse America’s First Lady of being a hot head that lashes out at everyone that says something bad, but when she does speak up, she makes sure she is heard and does not mince words.

For a couple of months not we have been weathering an annoying storm… Stormy Daniels. Stormy Daniels is the porn star that suddenly, a decade after she has an encounter with the President, feels the need to tell her story to the world… Now I don’t claim to be the smartest man in the world, but it seems to me that a porn star getting nailed by a New York Billionaire is not that unusual and not exactly breaking new… Especially over a decade later.

Be that as it is, Stormy Daniels and her loudmouth attorney are doing everything possible to make news of the encounter… They are calling it an affair, but in my world what she has described is nothing but a one night stand… One and done… A hit and run… Definitely not an affair.

Surprisingly while Stormy Daniels and her attorney have been all over the media trying to get a payday out of her encounter with a man who is not President, President Trump has remained silent, even keeping his Tweets on the subject under control.

The media, not for the lack of trying, has also been trying to get a response out of the First Lady, Melania Trump.

The MSM finally went too far though and stepped over the line, as they often have with this President’s family, in a way they have never done with any other President. They will not leave their 12-year-old son Barron Trump out of their salacious gossip.

While Melania remained in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida after the President left enjoying a spring break, she made sure her publicist sent the media a reminder shortly after the hyped-up 60 Minutes interview that turned out to be a complete DUD! Here is the Tweet:

I think they would be well advised to heed her warning because as the Daily Mail learned, the First Lady does not fool around… You make her angry and she will go for your jugular vein.



  1. I love it she should see if the old law is still on the Books and sue stormy Daniels for alienation ;s of affection.she has a big loud mouth not the First Lady we love her but stormy Daniels,and i;m sure someone is paying her to do this and so turn about is fair play.different states had a law that was not effective in ohio when i got divorced but then it was put back in after and alienations of affection you can sue and you probably don’t need to get divorced so daniels likes her name up front lets see if this makes her happy.would love to see this backfire on too someone who is just a high priced prostitute.

  2. Well I guess karma is a bitch. We all know that she was spanking trump while he was still married to Marla Maples.

    • WHO CARES?? The point is, is that he isn’t doing it today while he’s President. Trump lovers don’t want a saint. We want someone who can run the country and he’s doing that very thing. GET OVER IT!

      • Precisely! Let’s look back at the Clinton administration for salacious gossip. Mr. Trump’s straying was ten years ago, for God’s sake. Furthermore, his European wife knows the way things go with the lives of the wealthy and famous. Jackie Kennedy knew that full well, too. So did Lady Bird Johnson. Let’s get back to investigating the Clinton private email server.

    • Liberals bill themselves as being tolerant. They were tolerant when Bill Clinton was being serviced in the Oval Office by a girl 27 years younger than he was and 7 years older than his daughter. Bill lied about it, tried to discredit Monica until she provided proof (The blue dress) Clinton was also accused of rape and during his impeachment trial, some of the senators who made the judgement not to impeach, refused to look at the evidence from the Juanita Broadrick rape claim…. (Try doing that next time you have jury duty) Trump’s success as a president and negotiator have made America greater than what he inherited. We are learning the extent the Obama Administration went to circumvent our laws and how far the tolerant Left wants to go because they don’t want America to be great under Trump’s helm.

  3. keep in mind the young man is a minor, that could create a shit storm for all net works worth a lot of money.

  4. If Melania doesn’t care, why should the rest of you? That’s their business and no one else’s. GET OVER IT!

  5. Media has lost any sign of credibility whatsoever. and just as we think they are getting it back they jump back in the trash heap. To viciously attack one’s family life is among the most evil things that any one person or group of people can do. I for one am ready to leave all media and stick with the food channel. Weak analogy I know but I have never seen any media steep to this level in my 70 plus years. never.

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