Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Indicates Scandal Is Far From Over For Catholics

”The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests with bishops as their signposts.”

That is a quote all aware and knowledgeable Catholics have heard time and again. It is attributed to a sixth-century bishop who was, at the time, the Archbishop of Constantinople. At this point in history, it does not matter who said it, it is turning out to be the truth that most Catholics are facing as our hierarchy is turning out to be both weak at the knees, and, in many cases guilty of aiding and abetting criminal priests.

Tuesday’s revelations in Pennsylvania from a grand jury that tells one story after another of systemic abuse in multiple dioceses from hundreds of priests which was not reported to authorities by the bishops at the time, shines a spotlight on the problem. Somehow, the whole homosexual and desire for underage humans in a sexual sense invaded the priesthood, and in the process destroyed many young people in ways too horrific for the general public to understand.

And believe this Catholic when it is said that the flock – as well as priests who are truly good men and are not accused at all – is not at all amused about it. In fact, most of us are pretty furious, and we more than those on the outside looking in are anxious for the purge among the clergy that needs to happen and is not happening fast enough. The cleanup actually began in 1984 when Pope John Paul II replaced his Papal Nuncios (the ambassadors who recommend priests for bishop) who started elevating far more worthy men for higher office, and that move went very much under the radar. The truly evil ones were replaced by attrition. Truthfully, the major issues are concentrated in specific areas. But still, there are plenty of skeletons yet to exit the closet, we are all sure, and it is not going to be pretty as they come to light.

Matt Walsh over at the Daily Wire has a good rant on the topic. He says there needs to be a purge and he is exactly correct. Men who were accepted into the seminaries with homosexual tendencies or who had been molested as children truly do require a second look before they are ordained and turned loose among parishes with families. The priesthood also needs to be cleaned out of men who do not stick to orthodoxy, and not just in a sexual sense. There has been a general weakening of the faith that began with watered down language and compromise in liturgy and not labeling heresy when it pops up. That needs to return.

So does the idea that the Church, Christ’s Bride as we call Her, is not of this world, but is here on Earth to provide a passage of salvation for men.

It would be very nice if priests, who are supposed to be Christ’s representatives on Earth would act like they are just that. The vast majority are good men who do their best. But, there are still those who use the collar as cover for horrific crimes. They need to go.

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