Peter Fonda Is Unhinged And Threatening FLOTUS And Her Son Barron

Has been Peter Fonda has come completely unhinged and frankly is exhibiting a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome so severe he may very well be the first liberal to actually land in a mental hospital banging his head against padded walls.

He has had a chat threat on his Twitter account that is full of really disturbing sentiments being Tweeted out by not only him but what appears to be thousands of other ultra-radical liberals… I mean these people are really disturbed and the hateful vulgar language being used is so bad that I am not sure if I want to post the link here or not as I am writing this.

I am going to show u the most disturbing of them here though so you can get an idea how bad it is before you decide to visit his Twitter page.

The first one, that reportedly prompted an uninvited guest to show up at his front door… Uninvited Secret Service Agents… Disturbed Melania Trump so much that she is said to have personally contacted the Secret Service to bring their attention to the Tweet.

As you will see below, his Tweet is in all caps and crosses a serious line… The man is threatening the First Lady and her 10-year-old son

He must feel like a real manly stud threatening a lady and her 10-year0old son with 90 Million other goons behind him… I’m not impressed, in fact… Well, I was about to say disgusted, but I am beyond that with these sort of ultra liberals… I’m angry, very angry!

These are the sort of Tweet and rhetoric that gets people killed… These are the sort of Tweets that prompted one man to almost kill a number of Republican members of Congress while practicing on a softball field… These are the sort of people I hope will try and pull something like that off when this Marine is nearby so I can put some of them out of their misery!

This morons’ first Tweet was horrible and should have earned him a broken nose at the bare minimum, but he did not quit there… No, threatening the gentle, feminine First Lady and her 10-year-old son was not enough for this creep… I believe this guy is sincerely trying to spark some sort of physical confrontation… Have a look and his next Tweet:

I’m not sure one can come to any other conclusion… He is not making any effort at all to engage anyone in constructive, intelligent, civil debate… He is not offering any substantive solutions… He is encouraging millions of people to incite fear into others… I’m not sure why this guy is not in jail tonight for inciting a riot or conspiracy to harm federal agents… He’s totally lost it…

You are probably thinking that he has written enough hateful Tweets for one day… Nope, there are more like this one here:

I am not going to link the actual Twitter thread here, I will leave you to head over there on your own because I am sure many of you will not be interested in seeing more of Tweets like this, but I feel it is important to point things like this out, because there are a lot of radical liberals out there and given the hatred expressed in their Tweets, I believe it is only a matter of time before another liberal loon actually does something stupid and tries to harm people…

In some ways, I can understand them being so wound up… Most people get their news from the likes of CNN and MSNBC and all they hear day-after-day is that Republicans are Nazi’s, Republicans want to take their healthcare, etc.,… It’s non-stop and that does have an effect on the psyche of some people… A potentially dangerous effect.

It’s unfortunate that things have come to this in our country, but with the liberal representatives in Washington, D.C., are feeding them the lies and feeding them the hateful talking points… I see nothing but a disastrous end to this in America’s future… We can’t learn from history when history is no longer being taught.


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  1. well i ride every year… glendale to castaic lake… i’ll ask the old man about this and see if he’s as tough as he sounds. see you at the love ride big mouth… next year’s ‘love ride’ i’ll bet he won’t show. i shall update.

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