Photo Of Young Barron Trump Goes Viral, Many Concerned

A photo of the young Barron Trump has gone viral and it’s presence on the internet caught many by surprise.

The image below shows the young Barron trump with his back toward the White House photographer. The family had just returned from Camp David and as they were headed toward the White House the young Mr. Trump turned to snap a picture of the squared away Marine they had just passed getting off of the helicopter.

Like any 11-year-old well mannered American boy would be he was impressed by the Marine’s appearance and is raised by parents that no doubt has taught him great respect for American servicemen and women in uniform.

One person who saw the picture on Twitter has this to say:

“Seems like a very nice boy. With all their $’s he is still impressed by the Presidential copter. His mom is doing a great job with him.”

One person was quick to point out the difference between the Trump family and the previous passengers the Obama’s:

“Nice to see respect. Previous occupants disrespected God, our flag, military, Constitution, citizens. The list goes on ad nauseum.”

Of course, we live in a Ying and Yang world, or more to the point a liberal and a conservative world and while conservatives tend to be well mannered and laid back, for the most part, the liberals have no moral compass all and will attack anyone for anything… Even if it is a child… As long as it’s the President’s child.

There used to be a time, like before President Trump humiliated every liberal in the country by defeating their Queen Hillary, who was expected to take the throne, that the public and the press left minor children out of the political viper’s nest, but no more.

They can say what they want about this young man… He displays a heck of a lot more character that many of the adults that have occupied the White House in recent times and is one very well mannered child.

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  1. 20 year vet and I have 0 problem with a young kid, whether he be dirt poor or in line for a gazillion dollars….to be taught respect for our military today is phenomenal…especially by said gazillionaires familty.

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