Poll Shows Support For Wall Among Democrat Voters

Polls can be pesky buggers depending on how questions are asked, who is doing the asking, and who is being asked. Manipulation of those aspects can always make poll results match a pre-determined outcome. However, some polling entities are more trustworthy than others.

A new poll done by Public Opinion Strategies for the Republican National Committee is telling the tale that despite their voting habits, Democrats who voted for the president, but for Democrats in other races, actually support his immigration and border security initiatives, contrary to much of what the prevailing narrative indicates.

Voters in congressional districts that President Trump won in 2016 but flipped Democratic last November support his border wall and believe Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have accepted his immigration deal to end the partial government shutdown.

A poll of 10 representative districts, some of which Trump won by a big margin but then voted a Democrat into office in 2018, also found that a plurality approve of the president’s job performance, 49 percent to 48 percent….

The highlights directly from the poll:

A plurality of voters in these districts approve of President Trump’s job performance (49%-48%), including an overwhelming majority of Republican voters (87%-11%).
A majority of voters (54%-43%) say they support Trump’s policies.
By a 61%-35% margin, voters support the president’s position on border security.
By a 53%-43% margin, voters in these DEM-held congressional districts support “building a border wall or barrier to improve security between the U.S. and Mexico.”
A majority of voters (50%-43%) believe that Democrats should have accepted Trump’s offer of three years of protection for dreamers in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding a border wall.
By a 41%-34% margin, voters say Trump has been “more open to compromise on this issue” than congressional Democrats.
After voters hear more about the need for a wall or barrier to improve national security, they move toward the president’s stance and away from Speaker Pelosi’s position.

In addition to these poll results, others have been reported that indicate the person whose job performance approval took the biggest hit with the shutdown is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.



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