President Ramps Up Rhetoric Over Border Battle

There is absolutely no movement in the discussion with Democrat leadership over the border barrier (it’s a wall that looks like a fence, so the language has changed a bit), and President Donald Trump took to Twitter to remind the nation of that fact, and to make a not so veiled threat.

He is correct about all of this, and all he is asking for in the spending bills is $5 billion, not the complete cost of the project that is already well underway, but an obvious bone of contention in the world of politics.

And then the Commander in Chief said that financial aid to the three nations known to be launching the migrant caravans headed north was to be cut off.

This fight, of course, has resulted in a “government shutdown” where non-essential workers – including the National Park Service – have been idled. Over the last week, White House staff spokespeople have reiterated the president’s message that this shutdown is not really on his shoulders, but those of the Democrats.

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney reiterated to reporters that Mr. Trump would be willing to shut down the border, saying “yes” when asked if the president meant what he said in his tweets….

Sanders blasted Democrats for the standoff that is now expected to keep roughly 800,000 federal workers from receiving paychecks into the New Year, claiming they have “left the table altogether” but would not offer details on what the president might be willing to agree to.

“I’m not going to negotiate in the press, but the president has been willing to negotiate on this point and the Democrats have not been willing to do anything,” Sanders said. “It’s a very sad day when we can’t get Democrats to even show up for work and sit down with us and have these conversations and try to help make real solutions and get something done.”

Mulvaney also said negotiations have completely shutdown, and repeated Sanders argument that Democrats were more interested in protecting Nancy Pelosi’s speakership than the border. Because of this, he said, they did not expect anything substantive until she was elected speaker by Democrat majority on January 3rd.

And that is where we are in this border battle that is escalating with no end in sight.


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