President Trump Viciously Attacks AG Sessions With Twitter Rant

For the last year, the people out in the world displaying Trump derangement Syndrome have been hanging their hats on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion of some sort with Russia during the 2016 campaign season. They are convinced that this man has the power to find the evidence that the Trump campaign is guilty of “colluding” which happens to be completely legal when not conspiring against the United States.

So far, of course, the only people to be indicted on any charges are former Campaign Manager (and someone who has been around a long time in campaigns for all sides) Paul Manafort who is charged with crimes he committed not connected to Trump’s campaign for president. and that he was exonerated for years ago by Rod Rosenstein.

This morning, in a series of tweets, President Donald Trump called for an end to the Mueller investigation which is increasingly looking like a hamster wheel to nowhere and really is tearing at the fabric of the nation.

Note this is not the president talking, but a lawyer who appears on news programming as an expert.

And how does the mainstream media spin machine play this series of simple facts? NBC is a poster child for the TDS connected with it.

This morning, Trump’s missives took on an even more hysterical tone, culminating in rhetoric we haven’t seen the president use before.

They must not have been watching his rallies or reading his twitter feed because this is how Donald Trump talks. Of course, this particular method of communication bypasses all traditional media outlets. That might be why this appeared in that NBC piece.

But it’s the Sessions tweet that stands out for a reason: a sitting American president – the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation – has now publicly called on the attorney general of the United States to immediately halt a special counsel probe.

Somehow, in 2018, this isn’t the basis for a major national political crisis, in part because we know Jeff Sessions has already recused himself from the proceedings – making the president’s appeal practically meaningless – and in part because much of the political world has grown inured by Trump’s unhinged antics.

To most people following all of this, Trump’s moves are actually quite calculated. And the media outlet in question got something wrong: this is not a criminal investigation, and Trump is not the subject of one. And Jeff Sessions can’t be involved in the probe, but due to his position can stop it.

Interesting that they seem to willingly forget that, and will twist facts to suit their agenda.

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  1. It is past time for Sessions and the people he is allowing to run the DOJ to be fired. Sessions and his department have continued to obstruct efforts to expose the corruption in the DOJ. Trump needs to clean house. A lot of the crimes that the prior administration have committed are no longer prosecutable because of the statute of limitations. Too many people are still working for the deep state and of course we are still paying them. They should be in jail and should not have enough of our money to put gas in their car.

  2. Got this word from God just now and most importan to let President Trump know…We the People, all have his back…Spread this good word lest he grows weary with all the fake left sling at him and the crooked worthless Jeff Sessions does to us all…Remove Sessions today.

  3. Tell us what it will take to remover Sessions…This is a new month and a new day and God is going to validate our great President now.

  4. We need to find the way to get crooked Sessions, the leftist enabler out now….We stand behind our great president 100%!!!!

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