President Trump Declares NATO Alive Following Macron’s Brain Dead Crack

President Donald Trump certainly is livening things up on the world stage. First, he tells the nations involved with NATO to pay up. The United States is not going to carry the freight forever. And then when the leader of one of the G7 nation’s pipes up that NATO is brain dead, well…dad had something to say about that when he arrived in London for the meeting of the not so brain dead minds.

President Trump responded directly to the criticism Tuesday and opened by name-checking Turkey’s President Erdogan, who has already responded to French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments by saying it was he, not the alliance, that was suffering a “brain death”. The President said Erdogan’s comments were “interesting” and praised the ongoing work of the alliance, remarking: “NATO serves a great purpose. It got to be unfair for the United States because the United States paid a disproportionate amount, and I heard that President Macron said NATO was braindead. I think that’s very insulting to a lot of different forces.”

He continued: “It’s a tough statement when you make a statement like that it is very nasty to 28 countries. They have a very high unemployment rate in France, they are not doing well economically at all. They are starting to tax other people’s products, so we are starting to tax them now… we are doing their wines. It is a tough statement to make when you have such a tough situation in France, look at the yellow vests… they have had a very rough year. You can’t go around making statements like that about NATO, it is very disrespectful.”

So much for all those fancy, French continental manners.

President Trump has a point when he says that nobody needs NATO more than France. They don’t spend much on their own defense and have not been known as a military power in centuries. In addition, the United States just slapped a 100% tariff on French goods including wine and cheese, two of their most profitable businesses.

It would behoove Mssr. Macron to think before he puts his foot in his mouth again.

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