President Trump Discloses Coup Information!

Okay, the presidential rally in Monroe, Louisiana, was not supposed to be about the coup plotters – and their lawyers – but a little off the teleprompter speech, and…ka-BOOM.

Well, alrighty then. But that’s not all. See, this is the vaunted “whistleblower’s” (Eric Ciaramella) attorney talking.

Going back to January of 2017:

They wanted the president impeached for firing an employee who defied a direct order.


Of course, Mark Zaid has a history of tweeting this sort of thing.

And then internet sleuths found some disturbing things about Mark Zaid and Disney princesses.

The channel, which is named MarkSZaidEsq, contains uploads of clips featuring Zaid, including interviews on Russia Today, that stretch back over 10 years.

However, it also shows videos the channel owner ‘liked’, including one called ‘Top 10 prettiest disney channel stars’, which shows Disney stars transitioning from children to adults.

Other liked videos include ‘Top 10 Disney Girls’ and one called ‘Selena Gomez from child to women’.

That’s pretty creepy.

And this is who the mainstream media is working with to “frame” President Donald Trump for a crime he not only did not commit but one that is not really a crime.

It’s almost as if this is a movie and we in the audience are in need of more popcorn.


  1. Extortion is a crime. And putting a temporary hold on badly needed military aid for an ally fighting THE RUSSIANS unless that country announces an investigation of a political rival is EXTORTION. BTW: The actual compulsion in the extortion—the hold on the military aid—-was not in the transcript but was conveyed to Ukraine by Rudy Giuliani.

    • Where is this so call proof of extortion? Was it from the MSM? Or did you come to that conclusion after reading the full transcript? I have read the entire transcript and there is nothing alarming about it. Military aid was being held up yes and that was due to financial reason with the UN not the Ukraine. Trump wants other to pitch in with aid they demand the USA to support. Trump said enough is enough. We are not the world bank and other countries need to help with Ukraine and not just the USA. They still received their aid and the UN got the message. Not even the Ukraine knew Trump was holding back on the aid until way after it was given to them. They only found out though a news organization. And even the Ukraine president said it was a great and non pressured conversation. But we have a person who was not on the call, not in the same room or building for that matter, and has no real connection to the president say just the opposite about the call everyone can read for themselves. Not sure what kind of fairy dust this whistleblower was snorting, but he is way out there in left field!!

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