President Trump Sent The FBI A Stern Warning About McCabe’s Text Messages

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President Trump is on a working vacation at his New Jersey Resort this weekend but that did not keep him from firing off his usual barrage of morning Tweets to keep the liberal media in a constant state of hysteria as they pontificate for days what he “really” meant in the Tweet.

The media just can’t seem to grasp the concept that some people just say what they mean and mean what they say… Only politicians and p—ies use dog whistles and innuendo… The rest of America just tells you what they think and that includes President Trump.

The first Tweet President Trump fired over the mainstream media’s bow had to do with the disgraced former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe’s text messages that they have refused to surrender to the Congressional Investigators and are withholding from Judicial Watch who has been after them in court using the Freedom of Information Act.

President Trump asks in his Tweet why the FBI isn’t giving up Andrew McCabe’s official text message to Judicial Watch or appropriate government authorities and suggest that he might just have to get involved… Have a look, here is the Tweet:

As you can see along with his indication that he may have to get involved, he also warns them not to destroy them in all caps for emphasis… He also drops the comment about McCabe’s wife taking campaign money from Hillary who was supposed to be being investigated for some pretty serious allegations but as we can all see they didn’t investigate her or anyone else surrounding her… They merely made an inquiry and accepted every lie they were told as truth… There were no subpoena’s, no warrants, no searches, no recorded interviews… Nothing!

Judicial Watch, a non-profit government watchdog group that uses the Freedom of Information Act and the judicial system to keep our government honest has been waging some relentless lawsuits against the government and on a number of occasions have managed to obtain important documents even before they were given to Congressional investigators responded to the President’s Tweet with links to more details:

A lot of people have been calling on the President to intervene and declassify a lot of the documents related to the events leading up to the “witch hunt” I mean the investigation into Russian Collusion so the American people can see for themselves who the corrupt parties are and the way they plotted to manufacture this insane multi-million dollar investigation… YES, we all know the Russians meddled in our election… They have been doing it since the beginning of the Cold War… If you don’t believe me read this and watch the 1984 interview of Yuri Bezmenov included.

There was absolutely no justifiable reason or probable cause to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the President of the United States for anything! This was nothing less than a huge conspiracy to take down President Trump… A not so sophisticated Coup D’etat and so far the only ones investigating any possible wrongdoing are the wrong does themselves… I don’t blame the President for being frustrated and I hope he really does intervene and order the relevant information released…

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