President Trump SLAMS Fake News CNN In Front Of UK Prime Minister

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In a way, CNN and reporters from various other networks deserve it. During various times in President Donald Trump’s political career, they have been less than honest and candid in the way they report news regarding him. In another, it’s about time someone called out the mainstream media on the way they mislead the people.

President Donald Trump is in no way afraid to call a spade a spade and is even willing to do it in a country where manners and protocol are a way of life.

On Friday, during his joint press statement with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump refused to take questions from two people in the press pool.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to get the president’s attention during the presser, but Trump told him he was going to take questions from a “real” news outlet instead and then called on John Roberts from Fox News.

“John Roberts, go ahead, John,” Trump said.“May I ask you a question?” Acosta interjected.

“No, John Roberts go ahead,” Trump repeated. “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN. CNN is fake news.”

“Let’s go to a real network,” Trump added.

President Trump also called out NBC for reporting fake news, and interestingly enough, it was Fox’s John Roberts who defended CNN and the reporter from NBC to Harris Faulkner after the press conference. Having worked at CNN and with the reporter from NBC, it did not sit well with him that they were being called out as fake news. He, as we see, is with the favored news organization with this administration.

Not that long ago, actually, CNN and NBC stood with CBS and ABC to defend FOX against Valerie Jarrett’s vendetta against them. Interesting that the tables have turned, and now reporters are defending each other.

Well, other than CNN’s Jim Acosta. He’s an obnoxious embarrassment.

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