President Trump Tells Philadelphia Eagles To Stay Away

Philadelphia Eagles

Even before the Philadelphia Eagles had won the Super Bowl, they were talking about boycotting the traditional White House Ceremony hosted by the President of the United States and the conversations continued after they had won.

As today’s event at the White House moved closer many of the Eagles Players were on their public campaign to demean the President making public announcements that they would not attend the White House Ceremony because of the dispute they have over the President’s insistence that they stand during the National Anthem.

The public campaigns rejecting invitations to the White House began long before the dispute over the National Anthem though and it has become taboo among the ultra liberals to be seen with the President or to accept invitations from him for anything.

Well, much to everyone’s surprise, President Trump don’t play that game… He doesn’t do subtle things… He told the entire team to stay away… He uninvited them!

Of course, after uninviting the team, every liberal in the country began to break down from Trump Derangement Syndrome and are rebuking the President with Tweets and public statements. Out of some 53 players, only nine of them were said to have planned on attending and that was probably only so they could do the interview circuit afterward and tell everyone what a horrible host the President was the rest of the week.

The liberals never pass up an opportunity to demonstrate what hypocrites they are either… Apparently, a number of the Eagles players were scheduled to host or attend other charitable events in the Washington, D.C. area, but since they were uninvited to the White House, they are using whoever they were going to help as tools and have made public statements about how because of the President those kids and organizations they were scheduled to attend events at will be losing out as they are no longer going to make their appearances.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that sounds pretty damn selfish and self-centered to me and is a clear indication that the players only care about themselves. They make millions of dollars a year, at least for now, and can’t make a trip to Washington, D.C. for the sole purpose of attending a charitable event unless they are attending it as a means of publically snubbing the President… All the more reason I have no intention of watching football again this year.

If they can’t respect the American flag and have the decency to attend a traditional ceremony at the White House hosted by the President for the people, regardless of political views, then the hell with them… They lost somewhere between 10 to 15 percent of their viewership last year… I hope their ratings drop another 20 percent this year… Maybe when they are negotiating contracts with fewer zeroes they will wish they had left politics out of football and allowed the American people something they could enjoy without partisan politics involved.

Here is the official statement from the White House:

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Change of Format for Today’s Event

The Trump News Gazette


  1. Good for you Mr. President, your uninvite is very rewarding. These unamerican individuals do not deserve the chance to visit the White House and shake the hand of possibly the greatest president of all times.

  2. I’m an eagles fan but totally disappointed in their attitude towards our nation and our president. Win or not next year they are a team of losers. I’ll be selling my season ticket

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