Professor Defends Trump While Veteran Republican Senator Stabs Him In The Back

This is the sort of thing that could only happen on America’s Capitol Hill.

Members of the Republican Party who accepted President Donald Trump as their candidate and the winner of the election only because the people chose him over the party hacks offered for consideration in 2016, are most disturbed at the concept of Trump using the power of his office in order to fulfill a campaign promise that they are effectively blocking.

Frankly, the Republicans,  unlike the people who elected Donald Trump as president, really do not want the border wall that they have been promising We the People for decades.

Now that President Trump has followed through on the threat to actually declare an emergency on the southern border to get the wall built with or without Congress, the old guard is demanding he reconsiders this move.

Aging and retiring Lamar Alexander pleaded with the president to lift the emergency. Not for cause, but for political optics.

Senate Republicans are offering a choice to President Donald Trump: Withdraw your national emergency declaration at the border or face a potential rebellion from the GOP.

The message was delivered clearly on Thursday by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), part of an effort by senior Republicans to avoid a direct confrontation with Trump on the Senate floor.

In a much-anticipated floor speech, the retiring senator declined to state whether he will become the deciding vote to block the president’s maneuver. But he signaled broad opposition to the emergency declaration and sought to convince Trump that he has other ways to collect $5.7 billion for the border wall — the precise amount of money he demanded during the government shutdown fight.

In fact, Republican Senators are one vote away from joining Democrats in blocking the national emergency declared by the president.

Why is this an issue? Because Congress, and the people who control them, do not want a wall. The question, though, is can the national emergency be blocked. Also on Thursday, Professor Jonathan Turley appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and explained that, in fact, any attempt to stop President Trump on this matter is doomed to failure. (He also talked about how the powers of national emergency have been abused in the past. Seriously, a USA national emergency on diamonds cut in Africa?)

The “lawmakers” on Capitol Hill should remember that presidents have always used this authority, since it was passed BY CONGRESS, for political reasons, not necessarily actual threats to the nation and national security.

And Republicans would do well to remember that all the pleading they are doing for a move that the people oppose is really unseemly.

We the People have long memories, and November 2020 is not that far away.


  1. Well look at that a Professor put Alexander in his place. Way to go Professor. Thank God Alexander is retiring. No more stagnant people in the party We need people who see and hear what the people are complaining about. We also need to correct how these4 congressman and women and Senators leave office so rich. What is their secret that we don’t know about. And then with Term limits that should help.!!!!

    • ya know it is amazing to me how people can parse the Presidents words, do ya want him to be “Presidential” or not… There is something called “not insulting your enemy” saying that you could believe them does not mean you are “besties” come on people grow the heck up and know how to act on the international stage…are you that desperate to find ANYTHING against him??? Just like President Trump;s last meeting with Putin, ist seemed as if democrats wanted him to punch Putin in the face-would that make you happy? And when we are in war with them-after that act-will you still blame Trump or yourself, or are you going to say “Oh he went too far”, I mean seriously ??? Pathetic!

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