Project Veritas Exposes Orwellian Pinterest’s Block List

James O’Keefe strikes again.

The founder and operator of Project Veritas put out a new video on Tuesday that explains why sites considered to be conservative in nature do not appear on the social media platform Pinterest. It turns out they are on the block due to being porn list.

“I was pretty surprised,” said the Pinterest insider in an interview, when s/he discovered that pro-life group was added to a “porn domain block list.” The insider explained that the “block list” was intended to be a collection of pornographic websites that Pinterest uses in order ensure that pornography cannot be posted. is not a pornographic website, instead it is the web domain of a prominent pro-life advocacy group.

The insider explained that websites on a “domain block list” cannot be linked in posts made by users. While investigating, Project Veritas tried to post the link on Pinterest and failed to do so, receiving an error message that read, “Sorry! Your request could not be completed.” Project Veritas reviewed the list of websites from the “porn domain block list” and was able to confirm that along with, websites like,, and other various conservative websites were also listed. The majority of the document lists pornographic websites.

Well, isn’t that special. More about this at their website.

It is no great secret that other social media platforms have been censoring and filtering information for years. Twitter and Facebook have come under fire for the practice from all quarters including from the President of the United States. Pinterest is not one of the commenting sites, just one where images are shared, and yet what is antithetical to the left is blocked as if it were as offensive as pornography.

Something is just not right with this.

Need to see the video for yourself? Here you go:

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