Protests In France Escalate, US Media Says Nothing

It’s hard to believe when one watched the American mainstream media, but it looks like there may be a second revolution of sorts underway in France.

Recently, French leader Emanuel Macron announced changes to the country’s pension system, and, to put it mildly, the people aren’t happy. Medical personnel has quit, there have been mass demonstrations, and this week violent clashes between police and firefighters as seen in this clip.

It is clear that the government in France is not about the people anymore to the point that they are taking to the streets in numbers that are making their friends in America proud.

From the make-up of the crowds, it appears that Macron has his own sleeping giant to deal with. We in the United States have different goals in our quest for freedom than France might, but we wish them well.

Thanks to social media, even with some of the censorship issues, these reports would not be possible, and word would not be getting out. There seems to be a blackout in both the United States and Britain regarding these protests.

What do they not want the rest of us to know?