Raunchy Superbowl Halftime Show Gets Panned By Conservatives

This writer will admit to anyone and everyone that the National Football League is not her style. Ever since the felons packed up their stuff and left her home town, Not For Long has been persona non grata.

That means this writer does not watch the Superbowl and missed the halftime show where Jennifer Lopez and Shakira did their best stripper imitations, and one part of the exhibition featured children in lit cages.

This writer missed it live…but the worst of it did appear online.

Talk about trash.

As the reviews from across the blogosphere came in from across the fruited plain, revulsion was the emotion invoked among conservatives.

The “dancing” from the stars and their chorus lines included pole dancing, suggestive pelvic moves, and more writhing that is usually meant to incite lust in the watchers.

And then…there was this:

Readers can draw their own conclusions when it comes to similarity to symbols and the like.

In the meantime, don’t forget that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training next week.


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