Recent Comment By Mika Brzezinski Suggest She May Know INTIMATE DETAILS About President Trump

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This is how hard core rumors and tall tales get started. Recently, while thinking out loud and trying to figure out why the offices of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer were raided, a gaggle of MSNBC reporters came up with one heck of an outlandish theory.

While discussing administration officials’ reported criticisms of Trump, Mika Brzezinski speculated that the president had a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Her comment came after analyst Elise Jordan likened some administration officials’ condition to having an STD given that Trump, she said, would remember slights against him and continually worry about it.

“You leave with the political equivalent of an STD — to talk about something that Donald Trump worries about constantly,” Jordan said. “It’s something that you just don’t get rid of very easily.”

Brzezinski initially responded by saying, “Wow, this is devolving.” After a brief comment from Scarborough, Brzezinski sounded hopeful and chimed in: “Wait a minute. Maybe that’s why they raided his doctor’s office.”

The man famous for being a germaphobe? Are these people serious? And why does everything the left talks about have to devolve into discussions on sex even in other people’s lives?

An STD? Really? The whole discussion begs the question how many of the people on the panel have had one since they “went there” that fast.

Open talking like this is how rumors get started. The details of the discussion such as “what if…” get left off of repetitions of the conversation. A good many Americans trained to take whatever the mainstream media and “expert” culture have to say as gospel truth will run with the story regardless of its validity.

How is this responsible journalism?

It is not. At all. This is under the hair drier talk that belongs in a completely different place, because somebody on the fruited plain will have heard “Trump” and “STD” in the same sentence and will run with it.

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