Remember Michael Brown? Wait Until You Hear What His Mother Is Up To

Is there anyone in America over the age of 5 that does not remember Michael Brown? I doubt it but just in case, he was that upstanding citizen of Ferguson, Missouri that had such a bright future ahead of him that was planning on enrolling in college courses that got shot and killed by Officer Wilson… Yeah, go figure, who would have thought that such a fine young man would steal from a convenience store, shove the owner out of the way when he tried to stop him at the door, then go on about his business as though nothing happened…

Well, until Officer Wilson responded to the call and tried to question him on the street. It was then the fine young man tried to disarm Officer Wilson and after a round discharged inside the patrol car, Michael Brown took off. When Officer Wilson caught up with Michael Brown, the 6’3″ 280 Michael Brown told Officer Wilson he was going to kill him and proceeded to charge at him like a bull. Officer Wilson was all of about 5’8″ tall weighing in at about 150 pounds and when Michael Brown failed to stop as ordered and kept charging, Officer Wilson had no choice but to shoot him… In fact, Brown was so jacked up with rage that Officer Wilson had to shoot him several times and it was not until he placed a bullet in Brown’s head as he lowered it to ram Officer Wilson… He was only a few feet away when he finally went down.

What followed were nationwide demonstrations as thousands of people descended on Ferguson damn near destroying the entire town. Michael Brown’s friends that were witness to the shooting told the media and the police that Officer Wilson shot Brown with his hands in the air yelling don’t shoot and the “hands up don’t shoot” slogan was used by everyone from thugs demonstrating to liberal media host professing their support on the air raising their hands chanting, hand up don’t shoot.

The incident resulted in three investigations and as many autopsies… All of the exonerated Michael Brown and a Grand jury declined to indict Officer Wilson.

That does not seem to matter to Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden who four years after her son was killed has announced her candidacy for City Council and vows to have her sons murder investigated again… Yeah, the State of Missouri, the Department of Justice led by Eric Holder who did his best to have Officer Wilson hung out to dry, and the family conducted separate investigations and had separate autopsies done… All supported the fact given by Officer Wilson and witnesses even recanted the “hands up don’t shoot” story telling the truth about Brown rushing toward Officer Wilson.

Ms. McSpadden says that she is trying to “transform the pain to power.”

I say good on her for wanting to get involved in local politics, but to continue efforts to hold Officer Wilson accountable for something her son was guilty of and held accountable for already will not help anyone… Nonetheless, they have still managed to gather 15,000 signatures on a petition to have the investigation reopened…

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  1. The story forgot to mention that there was a struggle for Officer Wilson’s weapon, and that “Saint Michael” had already assaulted Officer Wilson and fractured his jaw.

    This woman really had nothing to do with her some; he was being raised by his grandmother. She’s only doing all this for her moment in the sun, and to cash in on the money that flows in to SJWs..

  2. She ran out of Free money so running for office is the next logical move for a Freeloading POS like her.

  3. Such an upstanding citizen who raised a fine upright young man like Michael Brown, and now running for office? They’d better look up her butt to see if her hat’s on straight. No doubt, she has a flea infested closet.

  4. Michael Brown was raised by his grandmother because his parents weren’t around. After his death, they crawled out of the woodwork.

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