Rep. Jim Jordan Shines During Impeachment Hearing

Just like the mailman, Rep. Jim Jordan delivered. When House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy put him on the House Special Committee on Intelligence, most of us in the blogosphere figured it was to liven up the public hearings that Chairman Adam Schiff had scheduled.

We were right.

Jordan, more than any other Republican, including Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas who provided some serious fireworks of his own, plain and simply blew open the faults in the arguments presented by both Democrats on the committee and their witnesses who are both career “experts” in Ukraine the Trump Administration did not pick up as advisors to the president’s foreign policy.

The less explosive of Jordan’s contributions was an explanation of the time frame of aid to Ukraine following the infamous phone call, what that aid entailed, and how it differed from the sort of aid offered by President Trump’s predecessor.

“There was a delay on sending hard-earned tax dollars of the American people to Ukraine,” Jordan admitted. “We’re not talking any country, we’re talking Ukraine. Ernst & Young said one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet. … So our president said, ‘Time out. Time out, let’s check out this new guy. Let’s see if Zelensky’s the real deal. This new guy who got elected in April, whose party took power in July. Let’s see if he’s legitimate.'”

Jordan continued, “Now, keep in mind, in 2018 President Trump had already done more for Ukraine than Obama did. That’s right, President Trump — who doesn’t like foreign aid, who wanted European countries to do more, who knew how corrupt Ukraine was — did more than Obama because he gave them Javelins, tank-busting Javelins to fight the Russians. Our witnesses have said this, others have said this: ‘Obama gave them blankets, Trump gave them missiles.’ But when it came time to check out this new guy, President Trump said, ‘Let’s just see, let’s just see if he’s legit.'”

“So for 55 days, we checked him out. President Zelensky had five interactions with senior U.S. officials in that timeframe. One was, of course, the phone call, the July 25 phone call,” the congressman explained. “And there were four other face-to-face meetings with other senior U.S. officials. And guess what, in not one of those interactions — not one — were security assistance dollars linked to investigating Burisma or Biden.”

Burisma and Biden, meaning Robert “Hunter” Biden, is a matter that will explode on its own along with some other famous political families in the coming weeks, but the fact of the matter is, there was no deal cut for aid to Ukraine. It was simply given after the new president passed vetting.

And then there was this in Jordan’s second exchange with Ambassador William Taylor who whined mightily about being ignored by the Trump people to the point that he had to rely on third-hand information to have anything to say in the entire matter.

That alone was worth the wait on Wednesday when Adam Schiff changed the rules of engagement to favor himself.

So, far from being much ado about nothing, the Impeachment hearing on Wednesday exposed the week links in the Democrats’ efforts – no material witnesses to any sort of quid pro quo – and that the son of the former Vice President Joe Biden was making a whole lot of money off of a Ukrainian energy concern at the same time (along with Nancy Pelosi’s son, a Heinz offspring, and one of Mitt Romney’s kids.)

And that doesn’t even cover the fear of Rudy Giuliani that kept coming up.

This show is actually getting entertaining despite the novocaine spell Taylor put most audience members under yesterday.

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