Rep. Matt Gaetz Steals The Show During Congressional Hearing

Word came to the masses over the weekend that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler had called John Dean in to testify on the whole Russia Russia Russia, Mueller witch hunt thing. The investigation of the investigation must continue, even if the witnesses called to testify in congressional show hearings have not been relevant in politics in over forty years.

With the calling of Mr. Dean, the turncoat lawyer who submarined his former client, President Richard Nixon, the House of Representatives also sends a message to the world that they are willing to work with lawyers disbarred for ethical violations, too.

That being the case, when the Republicans on the committee got a chance to question Mr. Dean, it was open season. Reps. Jim Jordan and Louie Gohmert took good shots at demonstrating the ridiculousness of the hearing, but it was Rep. Matt Gaetz who took the pot shots to another level. The one-liners in the first two minutes are worth the watch.

“Our own version of That 70s Show” and “How many American presidents have you accused of being Richard Nixon” killed this writer.


But, Gaetz’s larger point was made when he said to John Dean, “You are a prop.”

The Democrats want to relive what they consider a glorious time in their history: Watergate. At the time, with television being not all that old of an invasive force, and the novelty of cameras in the hearing chambers, Americans actually watched the entire proceedings with breathless anticipation. We no longer do that, but the Democrats have not quite figured that out as yet. They still live and operate under the delusion that the hearings are actually relevant.

Yeah, we the people aren’t convinced, and when Gaetz said straight out “you are a prop” the nakedness of the emperor, or the Democrat Party, was exposed for all to see.


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