Rep. Omar In The Headlines For Potential Immigration Abuse

On his way to Marine One for a trip, as usual, President Donald Trump stopped to talk to the media, impromptu style like he often does. When asked a question about one of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse, or “THE SQUAD” as they want to be known, he dropped this little bombshell about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

What? The mainstream media members collectively gasp! Omar was married to her brother? What?

For months that information has been making the rounds in the dark corners of the internet. On paper, yes, there was a marriage and it appears it was done that way so that Omar could emigrate to the United States. This week, Omar refused to answer questions on the matter, but a month ago her staff did issue a statement as the topic came up during a campaign finance abuse investigation.

‘I’m not legally married to two people, but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another.’ That’s how Ilhan Omar’s campaign spokesman Ben Goldfarb summarized Omar’s conjugal arrangements in an email in August 2016, when Omar was running for Congress and her advisers were trying to stifle allegations of double marriage — with a man alleged to be her brother.

This is not the first time this question of bigamy has come up with Omar. In 2016, officials in Minnesota also were curious as to the arrangement at hand.

Here’s the real background information about Omar’s ‘confusing’ marital history, in her own words. In 2016, Omar told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that she had married Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi (Husband 1) in their Muslim ‘faith tradition’ in 2002, and that after having two children, they divorced in their ‘faith tradition’ in 2008. No marriage certificate was issued, and there is no documentary evidence for the divorce.

In 2009, Omar married a Somali immigrant to Britain named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (Husband 2) in a wedding in an unglamorous suburban state registry. The officiator was a Christian minister named Wilecia Harris, now a pastor at the Great and Mighty Works Ministries in Richfield, Minn.

So, Omar married a Somali in a Christian church? And she claims to be Islamic. How does that work?

Of course, the Daily Mail tells us that is not all.

According to Omar, Husband 2 went back to London in 2011 after a ‘faith-based’ divorce. But according to Alpha News, screenshots from Husband 2’s social media show him living in Minneapolis as late as August 2012. In the same year, she had a third child with Husband 1 and turned Husband 1 into Husband 3 with, she has claimed, another ‘faith tradition’ marriage. Regardless of the ‘faith tradition’ divorce from Husband 2, she was still legally married to him in civil law. Unwittingly or not, she was, as Ben Goldfarb admitted in 2016, now married to two people at the same time.

This is better than Days of Our Lives. Time for a beverage and a snack while this horror flick unfolds.


  1. Every day more and more is coming out on the ILLEGAL WAY that her Father was able to get into the USA FROM KENYA on FAKE PAPERS! Seems her Father lied on the papers of his plight to leave Samalia in fear of the Family’s life! WHY HE FEARED IT, well he was the ” GOBELLES ” of the SAID BARRE GOVT that was full of COMMY KILLERS and destroyed for there corrupt GOVT!


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