Rep. Steve Scalise SMACKS Down Never Trumpers With Harsh Reminder

It is really rather stunning that the Democrats, mainstream media and never Trumpers are all running around agast following the meeting in Helsinki between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Donald Trump. According to them, Trump all but committed treason when he did not outright confront Putin about Russian meddling in the 2016 election (something many countries do). How dare he, they claim, when Putin has a list of human rights abuses to his credit and is a trained KGB agent and provocateur on the world stage.

Really? Shall we talk about U.S. – Russian relations when Barack Obama was the occupier of the Oval Office? Rep. Steve Scalise, he who almost died last year following an assassination attempt by one of the never Trump sycophantic crowd, is leading the charge on reminding everyone on just what happened prior to Trump’s term and initial meeting where things of substance like reduction of nuclear warheads, and the price of energy were discussed.

Yes, Russian President Vladimir Putin is an aggressive competitor, but Obama did nothing to stop his advances. Since Trump has been in office, Russian aggression has been distinctly muted. Putin knows a fellow alpha male when he sees one. He knows darn well and good that it is in his best interests to not poke this particular bear too much.

The entire “treason” narrative is not only wearing thin among those who are wondering why Putin brought up Hillary Clinton getting $400 million dollars, and where the server (any one of a number of them), and what exactly is wrong with agreeing to reduce nuclear arms, but it is now recognized that it is some sort of smokescreen blocking out real issues.

It’s almost like all these people would rather go to war with Russia for whatever reason is fashionable today than work out the differences that divide us.

And they’re calling President Trump the traitor.

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