Reports Say Michael Cohen Will Flip On President Trump And Cooperate With Prosecutors

The legal and investigative moves under the Trump Administration have been nothing short of dizzying. From the beginning of his first term in office, President Donald Trump has been under a microscope for one reason or another. That being the case he retained counsel, a lawyer by the name of Michael Cohen. According to the rumor mill, Cohen paid off Trump accuser Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their one-night stand.

And then one day in April, federal authorities raided his place of business and his home and are now investigating Cohen for bank fraud and campaign finance law violations. So, then Cohen needed representation, and this week the firm he retained, McDermott, Will & Emery LLP, dropped him like third period French.

Now, without legal representation, and supposedly with federal authorities putting pressure on him, Cohen is said to be ready to “flip” and cooperate with the investigation. As usual with claims like this, the sources are anonymous, and pundits everywhere are trying to claim this is the beginning of the end of Trump.

If the FBI truly raided Cohen’s office with DOJ go-ahead — all for a simple supposed campaign finance reform violation on the basis of Trump and Stormy Daniels — all hell is going to break loose, and it should. As Alan Dershowitz has pointed out, there is a pretty high bar when it comes to raiding attorneys’ offices, and the grounds had better be solid. Raiding the offices of the attorney for the president would presumably require even more discretion. As Dershowitz stated, “To get a search warrant of a lawyer’s office, you should be looking for Mafia-type drug connections, major corporate crimes. To use that nuclear weapon, and it’s used very, very rarely – a search of a lawyer’s office – on what seem like rather technical criminal charges sounds like a lack of proportion.”

Or the Department of Justice really is pursuing a RICO sized case that might not involve the president at all. If that is the reality, were the records taken really files on the president, or someone or something else Cohen was representing.

Stay tuned on this one.

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