Republican Congressmen Refer Michael Cohen To DOJ On Felony Charges

The Democrat-led circus known as the Michael Cohen hearings has now resulted in the convicted felon who is going to prison in a couple of months being referred to the Department of Justice to be charged with more felonies.

Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows sent a 30-page letter outlining a number of Cohen’s comments, which the pair, both hardline Trump supporters, are claiming to be lies. In the letter, which is addressed to Attorney General William Barr, Jordan, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, and Meadows ask that Cohen be investigated for perjury and making false statements.

“His testimony included intentionally false statements designed to make himself look better on a national stage,” the pair wrote in the letter, which included exhibits and a copy of Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee….

Jordan and Meadows allege Cohen was untruthful when saying he did not want a job within the White House, that he did not help in the creation of a flattering Twitter page and that he did not have contracts with foreign governments. The pair also say in the letter that Cohen’s remarks on Wednesday that his legal trouble was caused by a “blind loyalty” to Trump contradicted how federal prosecutors have characterized the reasoning behind his downfall, which they say was the outcome of greed.

This move is being protested by Mr. Cohen’s representation.

Lanny Davis, an attorney for Cohen, said in a statement that the partisan referral was a “sad misuse of the criminal justice system.”

“Mr. Cohen testified truthfully before the House Oversight Committee. He took full responsibility for his guilty pleas,” Davis said. “He also backed up much of his testimony with documents. It may not be surprising that two pro-Trump Committee members known to have a baseless criminal referral. In my opinion, it is a sad misuse of the criminal justice system with the aura of pure partisanship.”

Rep. Jordan appeared on Fox News to further explain this move.

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