Republican Senator Destroys Leftist Case To See Trump’s Tax Returns

It is a fixation of leftists everywhere. They want to see President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Not just for the last couple of years, either. The lunatics want to see a number of years worth of the documents. Why is anyone’s guess, but the charges levied against the president without any proof of wrongdoing are fraud, lying, being a bad businessman and more.

And they think that seeing tax returns that have been not only prepared by tax attorneys and accountants, but audited on an annual basis is going to prove the hypothesis.


Over the weekend, Louisiana’s Senator John Kennedy skewered the effort.

The Louisiana Republican known for speaking his mind didn’t pull any punches during a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Kennedy took aim at Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee who wants Trump’s taxes so badly that he wrote a request to the Internal Revenue Service.

“It must really suck to be that dumb,” Kennedy said during the April 5 Tapper interview, noting that Americans won’t fall for such nonsense. “Words can’t express how much I don’t care. It’s not Mr. Neal’s call.”

In addition to Senator Kennedy’s opinion on the matter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders weighed in with Fox News’s Chris Wallace.

In a Sunday interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that members of Congress probably wouldn’t know what to make of the president’s tax returns even if they were served up for public consumption.

“My guess is that most of them don’t do their own taxes,” she said.

Actually, many Americans don’t do their own taxes. Tax preparation is a big business here.

Now that the special prosecutor investigation headed up by Robert Mueller has concluded with no crimes to be found to charge the president, the Democrats are desperate to find anything possible to hang around his neck like a millstone. Unfortunately, Trump’s tax returns are not going to deliver on that score.


  1. The bombshell investigative report about Trump family tax fraud published yesterday by the New York Times could bankrupt President Donald Trump and his family.

    Even though the statutes of limitations may have expired for criminal tax fraud (because the events took place so long ago) that would not be the case for the imposition of civil tax penalties. Which would mean Trump and his family may be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not far-fetched to think that this could possibly wipe out his entire net worth and bankrupt him.

    The Times documented many “instances of outright fraud” that could be subject to civil — if not criminal — penalties.

    In the Trump family financial records there are such fraudulent transactions as inflated invoices where a contractor gives an invoice to a subcontractor that inflates the cost of the work so that they could get a kickback.

    There is also evidence of another type of fraudulent transaction: bogus loans. This is where money is transferred to one person, and loan paperwork is completed, but the loan is never repaid. That money transfer should have been taxed as income, but it never was.

    According to the Times report Trump’s father used fraudulent loans over many decades to illegally avoid paying taxes on money transfers to Donald and his siblings.

    Another type of fraud is mis-representations of the value of real estate properties in official filings. According to the Times, the Trumps would undervalue real estate for tax purposes, and thus illegally avoided paying taxes that would have been due.

    They also overvalued the same property in bank documents when applying for loans, which is another type of fraud.

    Even if Trump can’t be charged with crimes might eventually be required to pay tens or hundreds of millions in back taxes under the civil penalty rules of the IRS.

    It addition to the potential IRS problems, New York state tax officials are also investigating the fraud allegations detailed in the Times investigation. (Vanity Fair, Oct. 2018)

  2. David Cay Johnston: It’s the most extraordinary thing: The New York Times said that the sitting president of the United States engaged in “outright fraud.” From the documents, the 100,000-plus pages of mostly private Trump family documents, backed up by various public records, and interviews and other work they’ve done, two things can be said: Donald Trump in particular, and the Trump family as a whole, are criminal tax cheats. They won’t ever be indicted for the crimes the Times described, because the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution is only six years, and the Times covers a half-century from the 1950s to the turn of the century. They can be prosecuted for civil fraud for every single dollar, and Donald has already had two civil tax-fraud trials. He lost both of them.

    The Nation October 2018

  3. As I understand it, the 4th amendment gives me the right to privacy, including my business, and papers related to same. In order to get that information, legally, it is necessary to get a warrant from a court, based on reasonable cause to suspect that a CRIME has been committed. It seems liberals don’t like the 4th amendment any more than they like the 1st and 2nd. Just WHAT do they hope to find in Trump’s tax records? Do they even know, or are they just fishing? Any judge that issues a warrant for a billionaire’s records, president or not, better have STRONG EVIDENCE of illegal activity that the taxes would support. If they do, WHY don’t they trot it out for others to see?

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