Retired NFL Star Tells Democrats What They Do Not Want To Hear

The Democrats really don’t want their true history known. That is pretty obvious. So, when the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties invited Burgess Owens, a retired member of the Oakland Raiders, to talk about reparations for slavery, it’s doubtful they were expecting a history lesson – a true history lesson – from a man who knows more than the party line when it comes to the past.

Democrats had set up the hearing to inquire about passing slavery reparations for black Americans. Owens, a conservative, submitted that if any modern Americans should be held responsible for the evils of slavery and forced to pay restitution for it, it should be the Democratic Party.

“I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race,” Owens said.

That was not all Mr. Owens had to say.

“I do believe in restitution. Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, that has killed over 40 percent of our black babies, 20 million of them. State of California, 75 percent of our black boys cannot pass standard reading and writing tests: a Democratic state,” Owens said. “So yes, let’s pay reparation. Let’s pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race?”

The silence in the chamber speaks for itself. That speech is not what they were expecting.

What Mr. Owens reminds us is that with the shackles of slavery gone, his ancestors made something of themselves and were successful. Their work gave them dignity in the American sense. They were a part of society as we all are meant to be in this culture. In the past sixty-five years, the Democrats, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, slavery, and more stripped the black community of what they worked for.

Mr. Owens spoke the unspeakable truth.

No wonder the Democrats were so quiet.

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