Ruth Bader Ginsburg Falls, Fractures Three Ribs


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With the future of the Supreme Court in the balance, news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling in her office and breaking three ribs has the entire political world on edge. The 85-year-old justice, the oldest on the Supreme Court by a number of years, has a history of surviving multiple health crises while serving in that role, but recovery from rib fractures at her age…

The fall happened on Wednesday evening. According to news reports, Ginsburg went home to retire and after experiencing discomfort was taken to George Washington University Hospital where physicians discovered the extent of her injuries. She was admitted for observation and treatment.

Given the complications that can arise from such an injury, especially to the lungs, caution will need to be taken with Mrs. Ginsburg. In recent years, she has increasingly looked frail even while maintaining a sharp intellect, which she claims is her main reason for remaining on the high court. However, due to her age, court watchers – and conservatives everywhere – have been watching and waiting for just something like this to happen. The reason, given President Donald Trump’s record of nominating constitutional originalists to the bench, is obvious. From the New York Times:

Even as Justice Ginsburg has shown she bounces back quickly from health setbacks, liberals have become jittery about how much more time she will be able to serve, particularly with the balance of the Supreme Court shifting to the right because of President Trump’s appointment of two conservative justices.

Bader Ginsburg’s seat going to a constitutional originalist and a conservative would mean a fundamental change to the court that would be felt for many years given the youth of the justices her junior. The oldest of the conservatives is Clarence Thomas at 70, the next oldest is Samuel Alito at 68.

Replacing Bader Ginsburg with a conservative would change the court for at least a decade.

In the meantime, hopefully, Mrs. Ginsburg can be kept comfortable while she recovers. This particular injury can be very painful for a very long time.


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  1. It is only a matter of time until she falls and breaks a rib badly enough to penetrate soft tissue, such as a lung, heart, or artery. At which point, she may well die waiting for help. It is, sadly, often the end of many elderly people.
    She is one tough old lady, and determined to see her job through to the end. Can’t help respect her for that.

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