San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Seeks Attention On Her Knee

This is getting really old. Now, not only are the players in the National Football League taking a knee during the National Anthem but now one San Francisco 49ers cheerleader has decided to follow the fad and make a spectacle of herself.

It wasn’t the players taking a knee during the national anthem on “Thursday Night Football” — it was a 49ers cheerleader.

Right before San Francisco took on the Oakland Raiders Thursday night, one of the women from the squad followed Colin Kaepernick’s lead … and took a knee for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

So far, the woman’s identity has not been revealed and neither the team nor the cheerleading squad has commented publicly about it.

What is it about the reality that the fan base is not amused by these stunts do these people not get. It is not cool or hip to openly disdain the symbols of the nation and the people who have pledged their lives to keep all of us safe. Kaepernick is no longer playing, so pandering to him is useless.

Honestly, it is not amusing, it is getting old, and the dingbats obviously don’t get that the traditional meaning of being on one’s knees is either a pleading as in “will you marry me” and a form of worship.

Life in America will improve when this all goes away.

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