Save The Children Founder Convicted Of Raping Kids

A former United Nations official and founder of one of their high profile programs meant to help disadvantaged children were caught in Nepal raping kids. This week he was handed two seven-year sentences for the crime.

Peter John Dalglish, a former senior United Nations official and co-founder of one of the world’s largest children’s charities, has been jailed after being found guilty of raping young boys in Nepal.

During the arrest, two young children, ages 12 and 14, were rescued from Dalglish’s custody.

Dalglish, 62, described as a “high-profile humanitarian worker from Canada”, was sentenced on Monday to two separate terms of nine years and seven years after being convicted of the horrific crimes last month.

Dalglish is one of several jet set sorts of people who have been arrested of late for the crime of having sex with or abusing teenagers who have not reached the age of majority. News of this conviction follows the earth-shattering arrest in the United States of Jeffrey Epstein for not just what amounts to statutory rape, but trafficking underage girls for sex with heaven only knows who.

Unlike Epstein who just rubbed elbows with government officials, including former President Bill Clinton, among others, Dalglish received honors in his home country of Canada for his public work with children.

Dalglish was awarded the Order of Canada by the Trudeau government in 2016 for his work with children, after making his name advocating for the most vulnerable — street children, child laborers and those affected by war.

He founded Street Kids International which later became the internationally renowned Save The Children charity after a merger. He has been traveling the world working with disadvantaged children for the last two decades.

Due to this conviction, the title of the Order of Canada will be rescinded, and Dalglish is no longer affiliated at all with the United Nations, but reports are that Dalglish traveled the world supposedly to help children and left a trail of these crimes behind him.

Finally, someone was not willing to turn a blind eye.

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