Schiff Show Whiffs At Attempt To Damage President

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland has barely taken off to return to his post in Brussels, and already the Democrats in the House of Representatives are claiming that his testimony before the House Special Committee on Intelligence was a slam dunk, grand slam for them proving that President Donald Trump demanded a quid pro quo from the Ukrainian government in the form of an investigation into Burisma, an energy concern, and Joe and Hunter Biden before releasing much needed help in the form of military equipment to the neighbor of Russia.

Well, if one watched the hearings, that’s not exactly what happened. Rep. Turner, a Republican, basically distilled the testimony presented.

There was no slam dunk at all. What there was more of the same: a “witness” who could not confirm the Democrat hypothesis because he did not witness any conversation where President Donald Trump tied aid to a political investigation.

There was quite a bit said, though, and a big deal was made about Ambassador Sondland not having the same meticulous note-taking habits of the professional foreign service sorts, but the truth is, he works for the Trump Administration and had greater access than all the note-takers. Their notes are worthless without materially witnessing the conversations in question.

To be perfectly honest, after a few days of this testimony and Amb. Sondland being the first who is not a career foreign diplomat to testify, the entire affair is beginning to look like a bunch of teenagers being ticked off because they weren’t invited to the prom queen’s sleepover.

The fact is, President Trump is doing foreign policy his own way, as is his prerogative as chief executive. No, it is not the way things have always been done, but that doesn’t mean it is not working. After all, Ukraine did get the equipment necessary to defend itself against Russia under this president, not his predecessor.



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