Schiff’s Impeachment Report Falls Flat

For those expecting the Adam Schiff Show, oops, the House Special Committee on Impeachment, I mean “Intelligence” to actually produce anything of value, Tuesday’s release of a 300-page report honestly did not deliver. Even a cursory glance made it very clear that the pages would be better used as a fire starter than any kind of meaningful document.

And this writer was not the only one to notice.

Say this for Rep. Adam Schiff: His imagination is vivid and he has a flair for the dramatic. If only he had more respect for facts and a tighter tether to reality.

The California attack dog is, in real life, a frustrated writer of rejected screenplays, and he’s produced another dud in the Democrats’ impeachment report. Released Tuesday, it offers nothing new of significance, but that didn’t stop Schiff from hyping the contents as something akin to the second coming of Richard Nixon.

While the vast majority of Americans found something else to do than watch the mind-numbing hours of public testimony, Schiff depicts the hearings he orchestrated as pivotal events in modern history. While Trump is in Europe dealing with crucial national security issues and is a growing favorite to win re-election, Schiff insists he’s doing “potentially irrevocable” damage to the system of checks and balances and is a threat to the Constitution.

But it’s in the concluding paragraphs of his introduction where Schiff fully unleashes his Hollywood imagination. Implicitly conceding that impeachment has become a one-party quest to bring down a president, he tries to turn the tables by saying it’s Republican refusal to help that fulfills the warnings of George Washington and other Founders about the dangers of “excessive factionalism.”

“The President and his allies are making a comprehensive attack on the very idea of fact and truth,” he writes. “How can a democracy survive without acceptance of a common set of experiences?”

First off, the United States is a Republic and any public official who says anything different should be recalled.

Second, the report did not reveal any crime committed by the president or his administration.

The whole exercise was a massive fail. That isn’t stopping the Democrats, though. More hearings are happening on Wednesday. A different committee is holding them with a different chairman, but we’ll see the same result.


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