Sean Hannity Responds To Reports He Is Michael Cohen’s Third Client


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Well, that didn’t take long… Apparently, Sean Hannity was doing his radio when the news broke that Michael Cohen revealed him as his mysterious third client that wanted to remain anonymous.

Hannity commented on his radio show that he would like to play this up just to spin the liberals up into full-blown lunacy and have a little fun with them, but confesses that he has never really been a client of President Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.

He states in this Tweet that he has occasionally had brief discussions with Michael Cohen about legal questions but he has never actually done any legal work for him, nor has he ever received an invoice or paid any legal fees to him.

He further states in a follow-up Tweet that he assumed his conversations with Mr. Cohen were confidential and never included any matter between him and a third-party.

Of course, all the analyst are debating whether an attorney-client relationship actually exists since they were just “conversations” and no relationship from the attorney-client standpoint existed.

Just moments ago Stormy Daniels left the courtroom when the today’s proceeding before the judge ended and made a statement to the media rambling on about how this is all coming to an end and the American public is finally going to learn the truth…

She is, of course, talking as if getting the President to admit they had a single sexual encounter over a decade ago is the scandal of the century. I can not say for certain, but I think I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that the American public could care less!

I mean seriously, is there anyone that did not know the President’s past and about all of the National Enquirer stories of his divorce and his womanizing as a Ney York Real Estate Tycoon? I always get a kick out of listening to the liberals who try and compare his situation to Slick Willy… Not even close!

On President was walking the halls of the White House with his pants down sleeping with 20-year-old interns and the other led a rather salacious lifestyle as a young New York Billionaire that the entire world knew about before voting for him…

After Stormy made her brief statement to get some face time, her arrogant attorney remained behind to tell everyone that Michael Cohen was radioactive and that anyone who has had anything to do with him the past 30 years will be sorry they had any dealings with him… Just look what happened to Sean Hannity today he said in a smug excited sort of way.

I personally find it very disturbing that anyone who professes to be a patriotic American gets so excited and thrilled at the possibility of a sitting President of the United States being indicted or impeached.

Conservative Republicans had lots of issues with President Obama’s policies but no one went on a vendetta from day one to have him impeached or locked up… There was no protesting in the streets week after week burning police cars and looting stores… And no one kicked in Hillary Clinton’s from door raiding her residence and business offices… They bent over backward to accommodate her criminal empire.

We need to pray non-stop for this nation and we need to make sure everyone gets to the polls in November to vote! If the liberals get either the Congress or the Senate things will undoubtedly get even worse and God forbid they get both… You can bet they will impeach President Trump and God only knows what sort of turmoil that could create in this country.

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