Sean Spicer Breaks Silence About The Media’s Love Affair With Omarosa

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Earlier today, Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and The Political Insider had a formal discussion about his new book “The Briefing.” Spicer’s tell-all book gives a brief look inside the inner workings of the Trump White House during its early days, minus the kind of fiction you’d find in Omarosa Manigault’s book.

While James Miller highlights in Spicer’s exclusive interview with The Political Insider, Omarosa’s name has become a mononymous, household name, like “Cher” or “Madonna.” Omarosa, a reality star from NBC’s “The Apprentice,” has determined to publish her own “tell-all” book, containing lies and distortions.

“She is someone who is, frankly, indebted to President Trump for what he has done for her career. He’s given her opportunity after opportunity to work at senior levels, to participate in this process. She’s praised him very publicly.”

Then, Spicer added how funny it was that her first interview on “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd wished her well, but didn’t ask follow-up questions. Spicer also noted that he had first-hand information of these networks never asking her for interviews, rejecting her for interviews just months prior to the launch of her anti-Trump book announcement.

That means though someone is inclined to infringe Federal laws and record Presidential advisors in highly secured areas of the White House, the media is willing to have Omarosa as a guest for political purposes.

However, that’s not reporting, but an activist. And Omarosa is taking advantage of that strong anti-Trump hatred among media elites to sell books and cash in.

Spicer said of Omarosa, “A few months ago, she leaves the White House, she does all these interviews [and] talks about what a great man he is, how proud she is to work for him, the amazing accomplishments. And then within what has to be weeks if not days, she’s meeting with publishers saying ‘hey, if you can get me some money, I’ll say anything you want.”

Spicer continued, “That shows to me a lack of trustworthiness, a lack of integrity, and then to see what she’s been doing in terms of some of this taping stuff, especially in classified settings, to me, is frankly just reprehensible.”

Spicer was also asked about public harassment of Trump administration officials, and he stated, “It has gotten to be more commonplace, and sadly, more acceptable…it’s getting us closer and closer to violence.”

Regarding the Russia investigation, Spicer clarified that “I think that we’ve seen Russia and others try to meddle and undermine the integrity of our voting systems…There’s a vast difference between that and any sense of collusion, which in 18 plus months, we’ve seen nothing on. I think we need to be very careful in making sure we separate those two things.”

He said, of Mueller, “At some point, you’ve got to put your cards on the table, especially as we get closer to the midterms.”

In the end, Spicer pointed out that his book discloses a behind the scenes account of what it was like behind the scenes during the first year of the Trump administration. Omarosa, on the other hand, was never in high-level meetings and only has false accusations to tarnish someone’s reputation.

Watch the clip here (starts at 8:30):

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