Sen. Mark Warner And James Comey Were Negotiating WIth WikiLeaks, Why?


Why, exactly, did former FBI Director James Comey give a stand down order to members of Congress who were negotiating an immunity deal with Julian Assange, the face of Wikileaks, currently reported to be living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (the only country that would give him asylum)?


This guy only published American state secrets thus endangering military and intelligence operations, and was in the midst of claiming that his organization being in possession of Democratic National Committee emails was not the work of any Russians working on behalf of the Trump campaign.

So, why would Comey pull the deal? To protect the concocted narrative that Trump actually did collude with the Russians for which there is absolutely no evidence to back it?

Something is very strange about this story.

The first issue is that the negotiations were going on with members of Congress in the know, and according to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee it was Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia who was told to stand down by the FBI chief. Given the way the law reads and the damage done, why would the order not have come from the Justice Department or the State Department?

Second, why is this leaking now, when the FBI team that was conspiring to keep Trump from reaching the Oval Office is being exposed.

Something is very odd about the timing.

One of the players in this back-and-forth, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, apparently talked with then-FBI Director Comey about their negotiations, and Comey, amazingly, passed along instructions through him to “stand down.” Do NOT pursue this. According to multiple sources, the FBI counterintelligence team did not know what motivated Comey to come out with such a baffling directive. It muddled the negotiations and the damage was done: Assange released some specifics of our CIA malware used for cyberattacks, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo slammed Wikileaks as “a hostile intelligence service,” and, gosh, we never did find out who it was who did not hack the DNC.

According to multiple reports, the DNC “hack” was no such thing. Someone on the inside downloaded the information.

The only thing we all know for sure at this point is that answers to all of the Julian Assange saga twists and turns are not coming easily.

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  1. Comey blocked it because Assange would of revealed all the dirty truths and the revelation that the Russians had NOTHING to do with the DNC hack or did they interfere with the election….then there would of been NO muleface or an over a year investigation , trying to find unpaid parking tickets from 10 years ago on Trump and his campaign people…

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