Senator Booker a/k/a Spartacus Wants Your Guns. Will You Go To Jail?

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey seriously needs a civics class. In fact, he should have taken one before he ever ran for office, not that the people who most likely financed his run for that lofty seat would have advocated the actual law in the United States. Oh, no. For people like Booker, and the sorts of monied liberals that fund his efforts, that dusty old Constitution is just so eighteenth century.

Booker actually thinks Americans should voluntarily give up their legally purchased firearms, and if not, go to jail.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Booker whether he would support a program sponsored by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), another 2020 candidate. Swalwell has centered his campaign on the gun control issue, having even threatening nuclear war against reluctant gun owners.

Harlow asked Booker if he supports Swalwell’s buy-back program, which would impose harsh penalties, including jail time, on those who refuse to sell the government their guns. When asked directly if he supports such penalties, Booker refused to answer.

“When I was mayor of the city of Newark, again I have a record on dealing with gun violence. We did a lot of gun buy-backs and even other creative ideas,” he recalled, promising similar proposals if he becomes president. “The critical thing is I think most Americans agree that these weapons of war should not be on our streets.”

Unsatisfied, Harlow pressed him, “But would you prosecute people? Do you support the government buying them back and if not potentially people could go to jail if they don’t want to sell them back? Yes or no.”

Once again Booker refused to answer the question.

“Again, we should have a law that bans these weapons and we should have a reasonable period in which these people can turn in these weapons,” the presidential candidate said. “Right now we have a nation that allows in streets and communities weapons that should not exist.”

The people at the National Rifle Association responded:

That being the case, Senator Sparticus’s sentiments should prompt the old “follow the money” canard…and maybe Americans will find out just who wants us all unarmed and vulnerable to government tyranny.


  1. Federal Government will never get the guns from Amereicans no matter what laws they try to pass! The Feds will have a full blown revolution on their hands if they try!
    I hope the anti-gunner politicans are ready to meet their maker for their ignorance on the 2nd Amendment!

  2. Will not give up any guns, and will now be going to jail. I will be firing on anyone trying to confiscate my guns though since it is my right to protect myself and my home from harm. Good luck Mr. Crooker

  3. will not give up any firearms, or go to jail.
    but will use those firearms for what our 2ND AMENDMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

  4. Booker should stick the constitution & especially the 2nd amendment where the sun doesn’t shine, obvious his brain is to small to hold any useful information. He is to worried about losing his power & greed he thinks he has over the American people. It’s nice to know he will be in prison with the rest of his ilk when the Great President Trump releases all of the evidence he has against them!

  5. Over 5 million NRA members in America now add another 10 or 12 million who own guns if you think they are just going to hand them in you’re sadly mistaken the world’s largest army China has maybe a million . Cory Booker loony lefties have no idea what goes through the mind’s of law-abiding Americans the reason the Constitution gave us guns is to protect us some people like you Revolution 2 coming to a city near you.

  6. Well bitch boy. You better be the one coming for my guns. You are worshipping the devil and I will help you meet him faster.

  7. Hey book are you and the rest of the criminals in congress and all governments going to give up yours first including your body guards?

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