Senator From Idaho In Mueller’s Crosshairs As Investigation Expands Even More

When Robert Mueller was named a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, this was not the sort of result all the cheerleaders were looking for.

In 2013, Paul Manafort, he who has been charged in the investigation, was working for the Ukrainians through a series of front companies and lobbying firms. His effort targeted and made contributions to every member of the Senate Intelligence Committee including Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho who was up for re-election in 2014.

The indictment against Paul Manafort names both the lobbying groups and the senators who received campaign contributions (Risch, Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce, specifically. All Republicans.)

The indictment includes references to two lobbying firms Manafort hired for the Ukraine work. News reports later identified those firms as Mercury Public Affairs LLC and Podesta Group.

Three Mercury partners—John (Vin) Weber, Michael McSherry and Edward Kutler—met with Risch on Nov. 13, 2013, to lobby on behalf the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), according to disclosure documents eventually filed by Mercury. ECFMU presented itself as an independent think tank, but was really a Yanukovych project, Mueller claims.

A few weeks later, on Dec. 4, 2013, Risch received contributions of $1,000 each from Weber, McSherry and Kutler, FEC records show. Risch was up for election in 2014.

ECFMU then paid Mercury more than $218,000 in fees and “reimbursement” a few months later.

While the contributions were accepted by the campaign for Risch’s re-election, there is no evidence at this time that Risch knew about it.

Asked further about the complaint and Mueller’s new filings, Minton said Risch “had never heard of a Ukrainian outreach program. As part of his job on the Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees over the past 10 years, he has had thousands of meetings with representatives of most if not all of the 200+ countries in the world. He has no specific recollection of any meetings with the Ukrainians or representatives of any Ukrainian interest groups, but says it is possible that he has met with Ukrainians or Ukrainian representatives just as he has met with virtually every country or country’s representatives.”

Add into the mix that Risch is slated to replace Sen Bob Corker as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the whole scenario begins to get fishy. It’s very possible that Risch is just another swamp creature who got caught. We’ll see.

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  1. Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama knows everything about the fake Russian dossier is just plain dumb! Obama was the puppet master, and Loretta Lynch and James Comey and everyone below them were his puppets. One text message between, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page even stated that the president (Obama) wants to know everything we are doing.
    This was nothing short of election rigging by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others, these people need to be arrested and prosecuted:
    Current FBI director Christopher Wray, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller (Uranium one) Eric Holder (Fast and Furious) and Barack Obama and many more belong in prison! Every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason against the American people and the United States of America!
    Because John Kerry (a civilian) is trying to usurp the power of the president he gets added!
    Firing or allowing these criminals to step down and collect pensions paid for by the American people must stop and it must stop now! No one is above the law!
    It is time to shut down the Mueller witch hunt! It has been well over a year and I keep hearing some idiots in congress say let him do his job! How long is that going to take! One more year, two years, five years, 10 years or a hundred years and what is the cost going to be? One million, two million, 5 million, 10 million, 100 million, a billion or more? Mueller doesn’t even know what his job is!!!!! This investigation wast started on hearsay and a lie and not only should it be shut down immediately it should never have been started!

    Simply put Mueller is an idiot!

  2. Please notice that ALL the people being investigated by the Muleface/ Gang of liberals Lawyers are ALL republicans…they JUST can’t seem to find ONE democrat (LIKE KILLERY) who is guilty of a parking ticket…

    • I read somewhere where,Muller was involved with Hillary Clinton in the uranium Deal now why isn’t that being brought up,why isn’t Obama;s real Birth Certificat which was found in Britian being brought up seem theirs a lot of dirt being buried and it’s all discouraging me here in the great city of woonsocket or Ri.their going to keep us from voting for President trump in 2020 if he doesn’t declare hid taxes .can they really do;s the guys from Providence who are going to try this the politicians I think their going out of boundaries.

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