Senator Graham Blows More Hot Air In Spygate Interview

It’s getting hot in the swamp for October.

Recent developments in what is coming to be known as “Spygate” even if there was a previous scandal with that name, have led a cast of characters flooding the airwaves of the legacy media in the past few days outright rebutting the Democrats’ narrative regarding a whistleblower who claimed – via second hand information which is now okay for the basis of a whistleblower complaint thanks to former ODNI Dan Coats changing the rules – that President Donald Trump made an inappropriate request of the new president of Ukraine on a phone call.

The effort on the part of the White House personnel was so successful, that the Joe Biden campaign for president requested that at least one network not book Hizzoner, Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York who is currently serving as President Trump’s personal lawyer any longer to talk about it.

According to Team Trump, what the whole hoopla is all about with the House of Representatives holding impeachment hearings with no crime to investigate is a cover for Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings, and now, thanks to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina clearing the air on the topic, we know that not only is that being investigated, but Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election in the bag for Hillary Clinton.

And the icing on the cake: the New York Times is running interference trying to get Attorney General William Barr off the case.

He explained all to Sean Hannity.

What a friggin’ mess. This is starting to make the tar baby look like a walk in the park, and moth coccoons unravelible.

Whatever the case is, SOMEBODY knows what really happened, and it looks like some of our closest “allies” might be complicit in spying on a private citizen and/or smearing his name without cause.

Let’s hope Barr can get to the bottom of it, because otherwise, this is going to linger as a smokescreen over the Hunter Biden affair for a long time.

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